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When Vera and a bunch of her rebellious friends decide they want to trespass on "private property", they don't expect anything like what they experience that night. Not too long after that, the government is chasing them down and they must fight to keep from becoming


            There was a strange silence that screamed in Vera's ears.  That was what woke her up. The silence.  And then, there was that odd feeling that there was something very, very wrong with the current situation. She was not in bed, at home, surrounded by her stuffed animals.  The next few seconds were torturous for her as she realized with a cold rush what had happened within the past few hours.  

            The blood wasn't what bothered her. It was just that everyone looked so...dead.  And there it was. In the middle of a perfect circle of bodies.  The thing that had made this happen.  She tentatively took a step toward it.  All she could feel was searing hot. And then there was a strange tingling that danced across her body that became more pronounced with every step she took towards the rock.  She knelt before it, ignoring the tingling sensation, ignoring the fact that this might actually be dangerous.  As if in a trance, she touched the pulsing blue rock.  She had never seen anything so...exquisite.  As soon as she touched it, she could feel herself melting into her memories: the time she learned how to bike, the time she first joined the tennis team, the time she waved goodbye to her brother only to see him- She jolted out of her memories with a gasp.  What the- 


She turned around quickly. It was that boy. The one with the camera. What was his name again? "Wesley"- her mouth tasted like dry, grainy sand -"turn it off."  Well that was unexpected.  Turn it off? Why did that come out? She had only meant to ask him if he was all right.

This was too much. Everything was too much of a rush.  She was in too much pain.  She was too-


The End

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