Exploding Onto The Scene

A carefully laid plan coming together.

The world exploded around me, fountains of molten rock burst forth from the ground on either side of me. Several large speakers echoed Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” throughout my world. I pushed my hands into my pockets, whistling to myself as I walked down the lava-brick road. It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz, I imagined stumbling across a cowardly little lion curled up on the ground, the image of his body saved by hardened rock like the citizens of Pompeii. Or a straw scarecrow looking for a brain; then again, straw is quite flammable and – without a brain – he would probably mistake these pools for water anyway. The tin man on the other hand; he was a good candidate for survival. If he stayed away from the geysers of liquid death, he could easily withstand the heat and the impending doom.

I approached a large, circular area and quickened my pace. I drew a little cross in the centre with my foot, standing at attention above it with my arms outstretched and my head bobbing from side to side. I slowly plucked a little metal controller from my top pocket, flicked the little protective plastic casing off. I counted out the seconds in my head, waiting for the moment. I could feel the heat of the world around me; I could sense the insulating ash floating in the clouds above me.

The clock ticked away in my head until I saw my opportunity. I pushed down on the big red button and played the explosions like an orchestra. I pretended I had an imaginary baton in my hands as I conducted the springs to the beat of the music. First the right, then the left, two in front and one behind. I pivoted on my heel, swinging around to orchestrate the finale. Three groups of explosives detonated simultaneously and the result was a magnificent waterfall of flames erupting into the air.

I stepped backwards, my ‘x’ disappearing under a sea of reddish-yellow. I silently skipped off, avoiding the quickly forming pools of lava with nimble feet. The song fizzled out, the speakers finally becoming engulfed with flames.

The End

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