Blood samplesMature

I walked through the bullet proof glass double doors into the building. Pausing at the security desk, I handed my clearance card to the guard behind the counter.

"Morning, Ms. Hawthorne," the guard says as he hands back my card.

"Hey Gavin," I replied tucking the card back into my wallet.

I walked through a second set of electronic security doors and into the lab.

The sun streaming through the trees came through the tall windows and dappled on the highly waxed and polished wooden floors.

I had a moment to appreciate my surroundings before Cindy walked up to me with a clipboard and a coffee. “Hey! We got the blood samples back from the lab. Vi’s still analyzing the results. You’ve got a phone message on your desk,” said Cindy handing the coffee to me. “One of these days you’re going to get a personal assistant.”

“Nah. Then I’d have to train them.” I took a sip of the coffee and sighed “You’re an angel.”

Cindy made a noncommittal noise as she walked away.

I strode across the lab and into my office, shutting the door quietly behind me. I walked to my desk and picked up the sickly pink phone memo sheet. “Call David about Lily ~ Important” it read. I crumpled it into a ball and tossed it at my wastebasket, missing the trash and hitting the floor. Groaning, I ignored the paper and sank into my chair.

It was a sunny autumn day on campus and I was reading under a tree on the lawn in front of the Physics building, the wind softly blowing through my shoulder length hair. Someone nearby clears their throat and I look slowly up from my book. My eyes take in a pair of worn out shoes, khaki slacks, button up shirt, finally resting on an expressive rounded face with brown eyes and brown hair. I sit there and appreciate my view from the ground as I wait for him to say something.

I'm conscious of his eyes taking me in. My long athletic legs, my curvaceous hips, my slender waist, my push-up bra with my ample cleavage visible through my thin shirt. His eyes settle on my eyes and I know then that he wants me and it triggers a feeling low in my stomach.

I slowly stretch out on the grass, watching his eyes follow my movement. I can see his desire reflected on his face and I reach up for his hand. He pulls me to my feet and I turn around and bend over to retrieve my book and my bag. He grabs my waist and I turn in his grasp, pressing myself against his tall, muscular frame, noting that his desire has caused him to become a hard pressure against my hip.

Knock knock

The knock on the door pulls me out of my reverie. "Come in."

"Hey, the blood samples are no good. The guys in the lab did not process them correctly and ruined the samples. Can you call the donors back in?" questioned Violet, one of my senior researchers.

"Are you sure we need new donations? We don't have any of their original blood left?" I asked. "Did they really screw it up this bad Vi?"

"I keep telling those guys that we're not dealing with human blood and that it has to be handled differently, but they just don't seem to get it. This has got to be the third time this month."

"I'll call back the donors and request that they come back in so we can draw more blood. This is the last time though. We can't have people that come to us for help start thinking that we are incompetent due to the lab technician's mistakes."

Violet nods and leaves the office, closing the door behind her.

I pick up my address book and thumb through it for the first client I need to call back. I dial the number on the phone and wait as it rings.

"Hi Mr. Henry, it's Anna Hawthorne with the Preternatural Division of the North American Genetic Advisory Laboratories. I am very sorry to bother you, but there has been an error with your bloodwork and we are going to need a new sample. Please give us a call back and we will set up an appointment. Thank you." I replaced the phone on the cradle.

'Hmm," I thought "Looks like I am going to need a babysitter for a couple nights this week. Vampires are not likely to set appointments during regular business hours."

The End

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