Experiments of prophets

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Experiments of prophets

A part of holly Quran is about experiments of prophets. In fact, they were living in the vale and their position was so that they are to guidance the human. That is, they had been, as other people, some problems and difficulties, in their living, but they deal with problems in a proper manner. Even, in some cases, they have been making mistake, forgetting, rushing of, inflating with pride, or etc. However, all of these issues have been very valuable for the human. If they, with that sublime position, have been done an issue considered in God, it has been suggested or obligate in holly Quran. In the other word, their act has been institutionalized for the human. Mention one thing is not without the benefit; it is that they have been done these issues in higher quality of action. It could be said that holly Quran has been transcribed these issues so that these are applicable to the human.

When Jacob says “but come sweet patience” (JOSEPH 83, 18) at your hurting, he had been done it in extremity of magnanimity. That is, he was pressured, because of his humanity’s demand; otherwise, the sweet patience was not any meaning. Now, sweet patience of Jacob stays to memorial for the human. The valuable experience obtains from a prophet, now any of people can do it, if they want. Of these issues, widely exist in this book.

This valuable experience has been done by a prophet and now ordinary people have a potential capability, because of institutionalization, to do this issue, if they want. From this manner, the quality of life increases and the human growth.

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