Exonite - The Band That Was

A collaborative story of a rock band called Exonite who gets kidnapped and locked in an old warehouse, and try to escape.


Music had always inspired me. It’d always been in my life, a life which turned out to be devoted to the beauty of it. I wasn’t singing until I was fifteen years old, and even then it was only when I could escape the horror of everything. Singing had been my release; my down time. Probably because singing didn’t require what guitar did. I didn’t practice singing, because I was never told to. I’d never had singing lessons because it was not something that was particularly needed. Before I learnt the guitar, I couldn’t just pick one up and play the basics; you still had to learn that. Singing was easier for me, because everyone knows how to do it-- doing it well was something that needed lessons. I hadn’t always been good, but I had always enjoyed it.

When I finally did take up a singing lesson, I was shocked. There was so much I had yet to learn.

I didn’t know what was going to happen. I couldn’t predict such horror.

The End

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