Morning Prayer ( Not yet finished )Mature

"Do I really have to go to prayer, again?" The boys voice moaned. A degree of tiredness echoed in the sound. The boy, who was no more than eleven, lay sprawled across a stiff, poorly padded, couch. 

A woman sighed in the next room. "Why do we have to do this every morning, Jacob?"

His mind stuttered as he tried to think of a smart response.  

"You know it is compulsory to attend Morning Prayer, son." It was a mans voice that spoke out this time.

"But... I don't wanna." Jacob was hoping for his parents to have a moment of pure realization, and cancel attending the Prayer service. But just like that, his hope was crushed. 

"You are going Jacob. How would the Minister feel if he looked down at the Flock, and you weren't amoung it?" His father appeared in the doorway, just as he finished speaking.

Jacob racked his brain for an answer. He hesitated, "not good?"

His father nodded. "Now go clean yourself up a bit. I'll be in in a moment to help you pick out clothes." 

As the boy went towards his room, a small eight foot by eight foot square, he could overhear his parents whispering. 

"What will we do, John? The Enlightenment is only a few months away." She sounded worried. 

"What can we do? He is as stubborn as you are Lily, but refuses to accept the old ways." John folded his arms. Jacob thought of that as his thinking stance. 

"Maybe we could get the Minister to speak to him?" An air of desperation crept into her voice. In her twenty eight years of life, she never thought of herself as a worrier. But when it came to her sons future, it all revolved around his willingness to accept the Prayer. "You know the rumours about the children that haven't accepted the Prayer, John."

"I know darling. I'll speak to Edward later. He might have someone he can ask for a favour." John was thirty, but not the smartest pickle in the jar. He was strong, and loved his family, but wouldn't be the brains behind the operation. 

"What could your supervisor do John?" She pondered a minute. "Wait, Helen's daughter is married to the Minister's nephew. I'll ask Helen if she can organize something." 

A smile, from ear to ear, sprung across Johns face. "And that's why you're in charge."

"You better get him ready," Lily suggested, "the Prayer starts in an hour." 

 John turned to walk towards Jacob's bedroom. "Oh Jacob?" A playfullness was in John's voice. "I'm going to get you."

Ever since the ship took off from Earth, the population attended a morning prayer. Although, it wouldn't have been considered religious in anyway back at Home. It was more of a remembrance for the people that were left behind. Distant relatives that were long dead. For family that could have been. It was a morbid reminder that the dozens of families on the ship, were stuck on the ship. 

The End

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