A journey to old beginnings. To the start of beginnings.
To the Universes center.

"Why are we here? What is our purpose? One must imagine there is a reasonable explanation for existence. But why must there be reason in chaos? As a species we have risen from dirt, to mountain tops, to skies limits, to beyond our own planet." 

"We have defied gravity. We have defied nature. We have ventured into a space of nothing, and returned. We have stood on foreign soils, explored strange lands. Studied the stars from amongst them. We have become the 1%."

"The other ninety nine will rot and decay on familiar footing. We have stepped into the darkness, and without fear, regret or chaos, we have welcomed it..."

"And emerged in the new light." 

"Does it give you comfort reading the words?" The voice was soft, but strong. Masculine, but comforting.

"The encryption is older than you or I father. The man that spoke it is beyond death. Beyond reach." 

"But is he beyond joy or happiness, son?" 

The son ran his fingers along the words, searching for the right one. "Is he among joy or happiness, father?" 

The boys finger stopped on darkness. 

"If he is not among the darkness. He is among something better." The father took his sons hand in his own, and brought it to light. 

"He is among the stars..." 

The End

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