Exile to Farthen flatsMature

A sixteen year old boy who's parents were executed when they returned from a war in a distant land because the newly instated leader beleived that officers of his army would start revolution and falsified or just ordered their execution. sixteen years later he is caught in a fight with the gaurds, and with stolen items, plus a symbol signifying ties to revolutionaries. He is instantly sentenced to be executed however before that happens, something very odd happens

The shown directly upon Lace's eyes waking him from another dream of the black gaurd grabbing two figures in shining armour and throwing them to the ground screaming, then blood splattering, and flames.  Lace had the same nightmare for years occuring every so often, he came to beleive that it was the day his parents were killed but he was never sure since most of his childhood was violent.  He rose up the scarred worn out blanket fell to the ground revealing a well muscled body a little on malnourished side, and a few small scars and burns but other wise quite hansome. His green eyes wandered outside the door and across the wooden slightly warped hallway to see the room emptied.

"Wear are you Van?" He said closing his eyes keeping in his concern and sadness, even when he was alone we wouldn't dare expose himself emotionally.

It was normal for people to disapear, but Van would never disapear, no. He was to smart to give them an excuse to take him in without someone to back him up. Van of course was Lace's partner in crime, it seemed they were inseperable until now.  Van was a little older than lace by a year and bit, also a bit taller but less braun.

"Guess I will have to find Jora today, he better not have moved you somewhere else." Lace continued to talk as he put on a light blue cloak with the sleeves ripped up to the shoulders and the tail ripped and torn pretty badly.  He headed down a broke flight of stair to see the tired figure of new member to this hide out. Lace wasn't only a ordinary adolescent street theif he long ago joined a small underground organization he wanted to change the current oppresive leadership brought them by no other then Horag Vinsky.

Horag was the youngest son of the former King who sent the rest of his sons to the frontline only to be slaughtered miserably leaving Horag who was fearful, and greedy when he too died. 

"Hey, wake up!" Lace said loud enough to wake the sleeping lump curled in blankets to jump. It was a girl with beautiful blue eyes, and dark black curled hair.

"You know its rude to wake someone up like that?" She said lazily.

"Well its even ruder to sleep on someones couch without their knowledge without atlease telling them." Lace retorted," By the way the names Lace and before you say it, no this is not my place it is the resistances but currently I run this place, and I should be notified before someone is moved in here." 

"Jora told me he had already told someone named Van I would be moving in, and your not Van so you don't run this place."

"Van's missing." Lace said looking at her suspiciously, could she be a spy?

"Anyways  my name is Kat, and i'm from Lishine."

"Oh." Lace said faking a mock tone of sympathy Lishine was recently purged by the kings orders and many people were killed, this could be a likely tale from a spy so Lace kept his gaurd.

"You don't believe me do you?" She said," I can understand though, Jora told me about your past, said you don't get along with others unless its Van."

"Jora had no right." Lace said. He let down his gaurd, he disliked Jora in a lot of ways but repsected him for his strength, and also beleived if Jora trusted someone with his history that Jora knew they weren't a spy. 

"Well cat, welcome to this hideout and part of town, and beware of what you touch this place used to belong to a crazy wizard and on the occasion you might trigger something really strange. For example the fireplace, it likes to explode if you put more than three logs in it." Lace said showing her the scorch around the room.

"Thank you I will keep that in mind."She said with a little bit of fear. Lace smiled remebering when he first came here and heard the same words, but after awhile it became a bit of an adventure finding all the quirks of the place.

"I'm heading out, did Jora send a list with you, do you want anything in particular?

The End

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