Taking the right and then a quick left I found myself just around the corner from the only entrance to the armoury. My own arsenal should be stored in there, the frigate docking now was the first ship to stop here since my capture and they hadn’t been able to ship my wonderful collection of weaponry off to the ASCEND market stalls. Two steel automatons stood stiff by the armoury door, gun’s primed and ready to fire. Silver stripes on their grey shoulder pads marked them as elite, this would be fun. Unlike the ray shields, automatons had been in use for almost a century, expenses however meant they were only placed in key areas, such as the armoury. With machine precision and compact hydraulics they could move at almost 10 m/s for as their battery lasted and shot to kill with minimum waste of ammunition. My uniform would be useless, I’d be identified immediately. I unconsciously chewed my lip, thinking hard about what to do next. Moving with the grace of a predator I stepped out into the corridor, both automatons turned but the first quickly fell to the electrified pike which I had hurled like a javelin. I only needed to clip it's shoulder for the current to surge through it's circuits. The second angled it’s blaster towards my head just as I dived back into the other
corridor. Unfortunately the droid must have had a fast wireless connection with the bridge as the sirens began blasting out of the nearby speakers. Propping myself up against the wall, I lay half slouched favouring my left side, gun ready for the droid to come after me. Seconds later I was not disappointed, it sped around the corner almost crashing into the wall, each of my shots burning a signed hole into the wall just behind the automaton. The gun overheating in my hands, I threw it at the oncoming automaton and rushed forward to take the automaton by force. Blasting the gun aside it’s claws found my neck holding me off the ground with an intense machine pressure. Hyperventilating, dizzy thoughts rushed through my brain. The Hidden files! I could activate them, Cellstar would kill me but then if I don’t I’d be dead anyway. !
“Raincloud Pause dot hvn,” I managed to say with a hoarse whisper. The droid
responded instantly, gently lowering me to the floor. It used the programming language heaven, so voice file activation was extremely efficient, I had about thirty seconds before it continued crushing my neck. Gasping I kept my priorities straight and forced myself to speak, “Saturate underscore command line dot hvn.” The command line completely reset, signalled by the loud beep of the automaton, it’s arms fell to it’s sides and it prepared for routine programming. All the droids on the ship would be like this, tin soldiers, just play toys until somebody routine programmed them. This model, Silver Frost, was part of a special series designed for the capture and guarding of elite prisoners. They represented the large grant given to my cruise ship until another came to pick me up. Well, if I didn’t break out today then I’d be in a Central prison. Too difficult to break out when they have trained soldiers defending. Fishing around for the gun I’d used earlier I found it brutally damaged by the second automaton. Lightly limping over to the first automaton, I relieved it of it's blaster. It was a fine make, obviously they’d given coolant blasters to the droids at the expense of the rest of the garrison. With a wicked smile I blasted the cameras around the armoury door into oblivion, I was going to survive!

The End

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