First place I was heading was the med bay, if I could pick up enough burn
cream I might be able to make it off this ship alive. I ripped the door shut, most of the decent soldiers on this ship were in the jail block and shutting the door conventionally wouldn’t keep them from shooting at me later. Then I punched my righthand through the door control, digging around for the main cable. Modern ships rely on bioptic nerves over their synthetic counterparts because they were cheaper, easier and could be regrown and grafted onto other cables. A whole fleet of ships could be cloned and grown from a single human sensory neurone, with some minor modifications. Finding the rough organic feel of the cable in my grip, I scraped away the fibrous insulator and wrapped my hand around the raw nerve, attuning my body to the information. Assuming the ship used it’s standard encryption, another ship, with reinforcements, would be docking soon. It would be a frigate class ship, so it should have a hangar full of fighters. Each should have enough fuel to get to Keltar, settling an old debt on Keltar should get me back to Cellstar HQ. The cable stopped pulsing, so I grabbed the secondary cable, scratched off the insulator and wrapped my fingers, tuning in again to the sporadic pulse. This time I’d grabbed the autonomic nerve, it relayed passive low-level information about locations and system status, filtering the information I finally found the medical bay. Quickly shaking my head I disengaged myself from the cable to find myself confronted by two guards armed with Powered pikes. Interesting, strangely they wanted me alive, usually I’d be killed for double
murder, attempted murder and 15 other convenient crimes. I pulled out the stolen pistol,
startling the unprepared guards and ripped into the first with a deadly volley, however rashly I’d overheated the battery. The gun wouldn’t be firing again for another minute or two, in the mean time I needed to deal with the another armed guard, I swung the gun around and stared into his eyes and grinned manically. Then I sprung towards him. My side burned but I pushed on my arm reaching outwards the throat of the pike, quickly overwhelmed by primitive instincts, his will broke and he turned to run, the pike clattering noisily to the floor. Changing tact, I kicked the long smooth metal of the pike, using the momentum of my body to send it spinning forwards. The handle catching the guard’s ankle and with a scream of pain he fell to the floor. I walked forward slowly, careful not to get too close. Then I picked up the pike and with a sudden down strike I forced the blunt end of the pike into the base of his skull. The audible crack silenced the guard and myself almost instantly. Better it was quick like this than killing him slowly with the electrified end of the pike. Thin red blood staining the perfect white floor almost poetically. Grunting softly as I took in the corpse, I bent down slowly and sighing I quickly searched it, then his partner. Gathering my loot, I walked into the next room eager to leave the weight on my conscience on the cold white floor. The guard had been poorly trained and no match for a standard Cellstar agent, let alone Elite Service 04. Between the two guards I was able to piece together a blood free, burn free uniform. It wouldn’t last under inspection, my DNA, retina or thumb print didn’t match any of the crew but at least everyone should be too busy to notice. The force pike was also another nice addition to my limited fire power until I broke into the armoury. The cameras only cover key rooms on a ship, even a prison ship. It’s not economical to have a camera in all thousand or so rooms. So along as I avoided most of these rooms they should only have a vague notion of my whereabouts, rechecking the autonomic nerve I mentally plotted my route to the armoury and after memorising it, I began jogging forward, then slowed to a walk as my side screamed at my brain for a rest. 

The strange glowing white of the walls, ceiling and floor all conspired to
confuse me, the prisoner. So different they are from the dusty red plains of my home world. So different they were from the barely civilised planets, so far from the galactic hub that they were still covered in natural plants and habitats. Normal prisoners didn’t decode nerve messages or even know of their existence, normal prisoners broke out and got lost in the white corridors. Only to be picked off one by one by automated weaponry and conspiring guards.

I wasn’t normal.

The End

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