Chasing my JailorsMature

“Shit,” I swore, favouring older Earth terms, far more vulgar than any modern ‘insults’. A
primeval cry brought my attention back to first guard, he was attempting to take out his power pike from the metal clasp on his back. Pulling up the gun, I sighted down it’s jagged edge and fired several shots into his body. The guard rocked quickly with each shot before he slumped awkwardly and I turned back towards the door. Shifting my weight towards my back foot I moved forward quickly pummeling with my foot. The genetic approach to my augmentations meant they'd passed, unnoticed, through their 'Orientation facilties'. to them I was just muscly. However the cells of the muscles in my body were far different to normal muscle cells, in fact if examined closely a they would discover a mix of several alien species, not that it was in their nature to do so. Just moments ago it was a perfect silver door and now it resembled a crumpled metal sheet, not fit for scrap. I forced my way through door, past the wicked sharp edges. Wincing as one sliced along my thigh. Just as I came through, the panicking guards were attempting to get access into the main corridor, they were just 50 metres away. I launched into a sprint knowing it would be only seconds before defences went online and the guards disappeared and with them my chances. Each stride lengthened from a metre to two until I was just metres away. The doors had opened however and I needed to do something fast or I’d be left alone with the automated defence systems, so diving forward I toppled both the guards lying on them awkwardly. Fumbling, I grabbed the gun and quickly sent three pulses into the base of the righthand guard’s skull. The shock was too much at too shorter distance and his heart fluttered and stopped beneath my chest. The lefthand guard suddenly flailed his arms about, hysterically, all the logical parts of his brain had shut down and now he was lost to the madness of survival. A struggling elbow flew into my face, driving my head backwards, the salty taste of my own blood on my lips. Shoving the clean floor, I forced myself backwards, rocking back on my heels. Just as the final guard struggled to his feet I punched him hard behind the knee knocking him to the ground familiar crunch. Snatching at his heel I ripped him over my shoulder towards the turret behind me. However I was seconds too late and the first metal ball embedded itself into my side, just below my ribs. I bit my lip, the capsule was however to slow to penetrate deep into my body. Luckily the rest of the capsules of that burst were soaked up the last guard’s body. I stood up, taking a breath and readying myself to move into the rest of the ship and then the capsule pulsed. Electricity flowed through my body, agony overrode my senses and I fell to my knees, screaming. The current stopped for just a second, just long enough to punctuate the pain. I had to move otherwise my body would be ridden with more metal horrors but the pain was too much. I clawed at my abdomen struggling somehow to relieve the pain. My finger ran along the entry point, finally ripping out the bullet along with a chunk of charred flesh. The smell of burnt skin finally reached my nose and I knew without looking that my side was badly scorched. Fearing another volley I forced my body into the next section of the ship, keeping most of my weight to my right leg.

The End

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