Prison BlockMature

Meet ASCEND, a corporation which has put the price on peace, offering an unbiased judicial system for hundreds of galaxies across the universe. Unfortunately but unsurprisingly it's difficult to effectively deal with criminals and follow the rules of their own system. That's where Cellstar, a shady shell company for ASCEND come in. The main character is the fourth agent in Cellstar's Elite Service program with extensive genetic modifications. He is coming to the end of his career but rogue-like

I stared hard at the taunting open cell door, I knew the guards were grinning to themselves
down the corridor waiting for me to rush out. So, bored and satisfied the guards were equally bored, I thought I’d play along, bending my wrists so that the Pulse cuffs were pushed forward, then I spat on the electrical red links between the cuffs. My emotions quickly pushed to the back of my head as I worked, concentration blotting out anything unimportant. The links fizzed and I quickly pushed them forward into the lefthand corner of the open doorway. The cuffs surged with a flash of light blue electricity to evaporate the spittle and quickly overloaded the hidden ray shield that previously prevented my escape. The alarm began to sound, an irritating pulsing noise. I cautiously peered down the hall way, the guards were armed with medium length laser rifles, fatal at the right levels. My only chance would be if I lured them to my cell and attacked them close-quarters. The expression on the guard facing me changed to almost comic confusion, he’d seen me. Spurred on by opportunity for perfectly legal violence, the first could not keep in his excitement and so the three guards began to jog towards my cell. Ray shields were still being tested on ships like these and so guards still found tempting prisoners with freedom amusing. I waited patiently as they came closer then as the first jailer poked his weapon around the corner, I slammed it with my chains into the wall, snapping off the slotted on barrel and yanking forward the soldier’s wrists. Smashing my cuffed hands into the backend of the jailer’s, I forced his forearm onto the corner, hard, my metal chains taking the brunt. The quick force and reinforced metal of the corridor snapped both bones in his arm, a shocked scream from the guard confirmed it. The perfectly shaped walls of the ship quickly dented under my barrage. The three others, incapable soldiers sent to defend an easy position, were suddenly faced with a real opponent and froze up. My stay on this ship had only intended to be short until a more capable crew came to collect me. I had just enough time to pick up the first soldier’s shortened gun before their instincts took over and they sprinted back to the bridge. If they made it out of the brig they’d be no reason for command not to just open all the airlocks, I’d suffocate along with the rest of the prisoners, problem solved, my jailers probably didn't know I was worth more than half their crew to ASCEND. I burst out of the cell, gun ablazing, and stormed down the corridor.

The End

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