The NightmareMature

Being above back on the surface was worse then being under the ice, the soulless where everywhere and moving in packs, sniffing out anything that the mages may have found under the ice. Not only that a storm was blowing over the flat cold icy surface, every step was a step against a wall of freezing wind carrying small ice crystals it was almost as if trying to walk through sandpaper. Felix and Thorn managed to resist the horrid weather as they waited for their meal in the large miserable line, and by the time they reached the service counter there was hardly anything left, and there was about another hundred or so hungry mouths. This made Felix feel guilty as he took a bowl of more muck and quickly wolfed down the small amount of food without giving some to those who will probably have nothing tonight.

"Hey Felix if you need anything, I will be there alright!" Thorn said then quietly," I few friend people in this camp have a small network among those who are trustworthy, were planning to get out, I might bring an older fellow with us tomorrow if I can get the time to keep it all hidden." Thorn then shoved a crumpled piece of parchment in his hand before walking away quickly getting shrouded and hidden in the blizzard.  Felix brought the crumpled piece of parchment close it was heavier than parchment Thorn must have place something in it.  Keeping it close to him, he opted to open the parchment up in his tent.

It took Felix a very long time to get to his own tent he had gotten lost so many times, on his way their and he was so cold that it felt as if his own soul was freezing. Luckily for him though Aria had seen him walking by utterly confused and brought him into their tent muttering something about the stupidity of men.

"I don't know why I kept a look out for you. You're more trouble than you're worth." She said holding his shivering body to his part of the tent.

"Th-tha-nn-ks" He shivered as she lowered him down to the ground. She mumbled a your welcome before saying," You dropped this." As she handed him the crumpled parchment and out fell a beaten copper coloured necklace with the symbol of the Nether's guild tied at the bottom of it. The symbol is a circle engulfing a raging fire with a triangle in the middle of it. The basis of the idea was the Nether guild could change fire into any form.

"How did you get that in here!" Aria said barely able to keep her voice down.

"M-my f-fre-ind."

"You mean that handsome guy I saw you coming out the glacier from. Is one of your guildsmen?"

Felix shook his head inspecting the necklace closer, these were awarded to higher mages of the guild, for achieving such a skilled level. 

"So why does he have something like that?"

"I could ask the same question." Felix said still breaking up the words. He looked closer these all had inscription of the bearers name, but this one did not. He put it around his neck and hid the symbol under the shirt, he would ponder its secrets another time.

"Thanks again Aria." Felix said managing not to have many breaks in his sentence. He turned just about signifying he was going to sleep.

" Just remind yourself next time before you start causing trouble that I stuck my head out for you." She mumbled.

It didn't take long for Felix's mind to seep into the world of dreams. He was walking in the dark in a small town, it had been destroyed, and the only signs of life was the fact that only days ago it had been destroyed, and small amount of burning embers littered the streets. A heavy stench of smoke assaulted his nose as he walked through. The shadows appeared to move, he began to run. A dark feeling followed him. The fear he felt from the soulless went through him again, and he froze in mid-step, and turned around. There was nothing but the abandoned village and a breeze of wind carrying the fear. Carrying the memories of the dead, Felix calmed and turned but as he did a blinding light started to shift through a couple burnt but still standing trees.

Beyond the light he could make out a silhouette of a hooded figure, he stood his grand and gritted his teeth, the fear forcing his heart to beat so hard it felt as if it would go through his chest. The silhouette crept closer, it neither walked or ran, nor did it float. The figure was calling his name, so quietly at first he mistook it for the wind but soon he could hear as if someone was whispering over his shoulder.  Felix did not want to comply but he took a step forward towards the figure, the voice slowing getting louder, and more menacing. He was now face to face with the figure, the same terrible feeling was piercing his chest making it hard to breath, however the figure was not wearing the same cloak as the soulless did, it was snow white, and it was gleaming with light. It then spoke with same voice as the soulless the day he attacked, Zael on the way to this dreaded glacier.

"Do you honestly think you can win, I hear all and see all! Your Defiance will be crushed! I will find out what causes you to be different then everyone else, It will be painful as I cut you up but I will make sure you feel every glorious second of it. Boy if you have dreams of starting an insurrection against me I will show you what I'm truly capable of!"

The image shifted around them as Inartear came into view. Battle mages were rushing to position as skyship overhead bombarded the city, with strong powerful blasts from the canons. The gate had not been breached but the walls were shaking violently as something powerful pounded on the walls. The Battle mages fell as a strong force pushed down on the air. It wasn't magic but it had a very evil feeling to it. The power even made Felix's apparition fall to the ground at the centre of the city was the white figure.

"All shall bow and fear me! Your reign of weakness, is over a time for true rule with power will bring us forth into the light!"  With that a burst of light centred from him and crushed the city into oblivion.

"I come before you to tonight to bring message of your death!" His voice rung in his ears waking him up, he was breathing hard as the fear still sat within his body, his heart was pounded.

"I come before you tonight to bring message of your death!" Still bounced around in his head.

Who was this man or thing, and why did he feel the need to show him all that in his dreams, did the man feel threatened?"

The End

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