Thorn ShaleMature

Felix awoke his head ringing like a bell. However he no longer felt the feeling of being watched, or followed. He felt safe, opening his eyes he saw that he saw he was still in the depths of the glacier but the sound of harsh breathing, and ice being chipped.

"Hello?" He called out his head still ringing and a little groggy. The chipping sound stopped as exhausted steps came from the dark. Within a few seconds the figure of a an 18 year man stood with a unshaven beard, and friendly green eyes stood on the outer reaches from a fire at Felix's feet. 

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"I think so. Probably over exerted myself. What happened?and who are you?" Felix replied. 

"Oh sorry, my name is Thorn Shale from the Shale wizarding guild of course. And from what I could see you managed to cast a spell incinerating the soulless into ashes, and to boot you melted a good portion of the ice here." Thorn said sounding rather impressed," And your name would be?" 

"Felix, Felix Nether, from the Nether guild."

"Wow thats impressive, no wonder you managed that." He said. Felix began to hate the publicity that Nether guild had.

"You know the Nether guild is no different then any elite guild such as your own. Besides, before the soulless came. I was lowest ranking wizard in the Nether guild. So me managing to cast the fire blast is not at all related to being part of the Nether guild!" He lashed out on the verge of yelling.

"Alright alright. Sorry." Thorn said taken aback," Anyways, at any rate I think you, and I stumbled in on a find. When you released that fire spell on the soulless you blasted away a 20 meter tunnel and behind it lays this natural cavern in the ice. Where I found these runes on a massive stone altar. I have no idea what they mean but I believe its an ancient version of shadow script."

"Ancient shadow script?" Felix mumbled to himself," That could possibly mean the legends are true." He continued to mumble.

"You're referring to the one about the wizard who crossed this glacier aren't you. Well this shadow script would definitely support that myth since the legend depicts and says his favourite magic was shadow creation."

Felix nodded, he knew very little about shadow script let alone ancient shadow script, but what he did know was that Shadow script had many applications but it was best known for sealing, it did take a while to prepare a shadow script seal, but it created a unbelievably strong binding seal that would take tremendous forces of magic or skill to undo.

"Do you feel any magic coming from the runes?" Felix asked.

"No but I think that it is, but its being hidden by a spell or one of the shadow runes so whoever finds runes won't be able to trace the magic location, nor whether it is a fake or a working set of runes."

"I see."

"Also I noticed that this area the madness that you feel is hardly present. So whatever their looking for must be in this direction. Or they would love to find this place so they can come here without using wizards. We have to keep this hidden from the soulless!"He said.

" I couldn't agree more, but even I could cast an illusory spell chances are the soulless could destroy it though by walking by it."

"Not if you make the spell as strong as that fire blast you casted earlier." He countered excitedly.

"But I don't even know how I did that..... I was so angry, so fed up with this unslaught, and those soulless sapping our souls strength killing the magic around us. Its almost as if instead of using my souls strength I used my emotions, or my will. I had done it once before on my way here. I can still feel magic around me, I have always thought that there was a stronger magic then our souls power. But until now its never worked for me. but even then its only comes out when I have no other options."

"Hmm, so you to feel that their is another source of magic, a source the soulless can't feed off because its beyond what something that has no soul can understand. However your living proof that there is. In any fashion Felix  we have to get to the surface, but tomorrow we come here, and we will pick away at this mystery, and will of course attempt to get that other source of magic out of us." Thorn said getting up with a smile of pure confidence and determination.

The End

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