In the IceMature

As the tent quieted down Felix soon found it impossible to sleep, as the glacier winds blew against the tent rocking it back and forth as cross currents hitting each other. The wooden poles also squeaked every time the wind managed to torque the tent.  Felix hated this but would rather be here then having a stay with the soulless. He turned to look up at the ceiling of the  domed shaped tent for probably the fiftieth time that night, he wondered what they were sent to look for, and why just wizards? Would the be looking on the barren flats of the glacier, or would they be searching inside the massive glacier? Was it a beast, a magical artifact? What would happen if they found whatever it was they are looking for. Felix then wondered what would he do if he found it? He liked to think that he would try to cover it up, or use it to liberate all of the wizards, but a darker part of him wanted to take it for himself if it was a powerful magical artifact. He turned over, feeling a tad guilty of that though, as well as betraying his goal to get out of this place.  The wind continued to howled hours into the night until Felix drifted off into sleep.

The morning came far to soon and the cold entered the tent with malevolence, Felix stirred as footsteps filled the tent, he opened his eyes to see the soulless staking through the tent, thir cold presence furthering the already miserable freezing conditions within the tent.  A soulless stepped  above Felix and looked down, a piercing fear went through Felix as he stared directly into the hood of soulless. He couldn't move it felt a spear of fear had went through him and held him in place. The fear was so great tears began to well in his eyes. Felix stared deeper into the hood of the soulless and could make out a pale face, and eyes, eyes glazed over with white. As the two kept staring Felix could see the eyes beginning to turn to a velvet red, the fear increased ,and he managed to snap out of the stare as he threw his head into the make shift pillow.

The soulless walked away as he shook trying to pull himself together as Aria gave him a slightly concerned look that went a long with her mumbling," I told you so."

A few minutes later Felix had regained his courage and followed the rest of the wizards, no one spoke, the morning air was so frigid that spit would turn to ice just a little before it hit the ground, the air ones breath would be crystallized before it dispersed.  Up ahead Felix could see a large building spewing out massive amounts of steam. He assumed that was one of two things one being the enterance to the glacier or where food was being served. It was to bad that his nose had stuffed itself making it impossible to smell the difference.  It didn't take long as he got closer to building which had been constructed of a mixture of ice and wood. It was three stories high, and it was indeed where food was being served if it could be called food. It looked more like a mixture of mud, rocks and bone. It also tasted similarly but it was obvious the liquid was probably broth of some animal meat. Felix spent far to much time contemplating eating this meal that he only managed to get a quarter of it before it froze up.

Having a lurching feeling in his gut telling him he would probably regret not eating the mush he stood up to get a better look at his surroundings. Before he could, a large banging noise echoed throughout the encampment and everyone began to circle around something 30 meters or so away from Felix.  He walked over pushing his way through the crowd trying to get a better look, through the group of wizard that were atleast a foot taller then him. Once he had squished himself through  the crowd what was to be seen was a simple opening of a hole, however Carn was standing there looking overly pleased with himself.

"So for those who don't know we have a new group here! and coincidentally, we have been given the opportunity to show them what happens to wizards that stay to long in this hole! Come on out laddy!" He yelled looking like quite a mad man because there was not a sound or any movement for at least a minute.  Then a lone figure was seen walking out shaking, bleeding, his hands were covered in blood. Had he done this to himself?  Felix looked for the mans eyes but their was none, just empty bleeding holes.

"This Glacier holds, a great secret! A great power, men with no control of magic would go mad in seconds, and that is why your still alive, you will find this secret for us, and if you don't I'm sure the soulless will have no qualms taking your soul. It won't take long to feel what this man went through. Alright get in there you pathetic insects!" Carn said with great hatred. 

Felix started his descent wondering what made that wizard tear his eyes out, he wondered why the people that have been here before him had managed not to, what would he feel?  The Frigid temperatures of the surface began to fade as things got a little more bearable however this feeling of being watched came over Felix. Every few seconds he swore he heard something, something inhuman. The Descent stopped and spread off into multiple different paths, all lit by torches which were probably powered by magic from wizards before them.  Felix decided to take a turn to the left, forging his own path into the belly of the glacier. Shortly behind him followed a soulless. He felt a twinge of fear in his chest in the same place as earlier, was he being followed by the same one?

An hour passed until Felix came across a dead end, the increasing feeling of being watched had now turned into a head splitting ring, and Felix swore on several accounts he could feel the shadows touching him. He touched the wall dead end telling himself, that what he was seeing hearing, feeling was probably a a powerful spell and if he could just keep his mind in tact he would be fine. That was easier said then done. He managed to pull himself together and focus on breaking this ice down. He turned to the soulless who was still accompanying him.

"Can you back off a bit? I'm going to use a spell and blast a tunnel. Okay?" 

Felix didn't expect the soulless to understand , reply or even comply , however it did take a few steps back and he could feel a warmness growing in him, again as he could feel magic rushing at his finger tips.

"Thanks." He muttered wondering if he could befriend a soulless, he laughed, they didn't have a mind nor a care. They just wanted a soul to fill the emptiness in their bodies.  

"Spiralling flame!"  He yelled bringing his hands to the ice wall. The Ice began to melt and glow red, Felix pressed harder however the soulless had got overly excited and rushed over and began absorbing the magic being injected into the fires.

"Hey stop that! I can't find this thing your looking for if I can't use magic!" Felix said with true anger bursting fourth from him. The soulless didn't reply, The cold feeling climbed over him, and the magic at Felix's fingers began to sputter, only making short sparks.  He pushed himself from the wall anger overwhelming him. He turned, and punched the Soulless with all the strength he could conjure forcing it to step back.  He charged forwards, and jumped only to be  swatted aside easilly by that strange energy they had.  Felix fell on his feet, memories of him running  and fearing these creatures as they picked his friends off one by one, while making him feel completely helpless had finally pushed him  to the edge.  He brought his right arm forward and brought pressed his left arm on his right. Willing a fireball to form, the soulless began to slowly walk forward, and he could feel the fear passing through him only forcing him to try harder. 

Each step the soulless took towards him the less Felix could see or feel of the world. Soon he wasn't able to see anything but then he saw a spark, warmth began to fill him, he could feel a stronger magic flow through his body. His vision was beginning to return, the was now a flame in his hand, not red flame a burning blue flame. The Soulless was now staying in its place, the flame burst into a violent blue ball of flame which shot from his hand blasting the soulless against the ice before exploding throwing Felix hard against a wall behind him.  Felix lay there feeling the energy drain away from him, he was losing consciousness but before he did he saw a figure running towards him.

The End

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