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Inside the camp was not much better then being outside however they were not exposed to the wind which many before them had compared it to the the breath of death. During the ride on the caravan a couple of the wizards had died from the cold, this only furthered Felix's resolve to survive and take a stand for Theadred and its wizards. However he was far to cold to say anything to the guards.

Aria on the other hand was shaking fear of what would happen to her as well as saddened, Felix believed that she had been friends or known one of the wizards. The other wizards who were also on the caravan had seen enough death to be too shaken up by there deaths, but they did however had looks revealing they feared their own future.

"I guess this is the new batch?" Said a whiny but Smarmy voice that sounded like this man spoke mostly through his nose.

"Yup, they don't look like much but Carn be careful not to hurt the red haired on much, our Lord wants him. He also is a bit of a trouble maker but I’m sure you will have no issue dealing with him." Zael smiled a grin filled with contempt.

"Thanks Zael, trust me they won't be any trickery in my camp." Carn replied and Felix could see a gnarled, but very clean scimitar swing into the air, with a hole near the tip of the blade, and a few bits that were serrated. The scimitar itself wasn't very long but it was at least 4 inches thick from edge to edge. The man shouldered it confidently and said a few more words to Zael before he departed.

"Alright you lot, my name is Carn if you haven't already heard! Now around here things are different, I have no problem watching you die, in fact I take pleasure in it!" Carn's voice wasn't very deep nor did it hold much power. But one thing it sure did bring across was this guy was a lowlife maggot who shouldn't be allowed to carry the title of a human being,"Now if your wondering why we don't just execute you lot, that’s because there is something in side this glacier, and we want you to find it! If you don't look for it then there will be no food, and no tent and you will freeze to death out here especially by nightfall!"  Carn laughed maniacally.

"I think that covers everything, but i feel a little generous, you bastards cross me, and like I said I have no problem watching the light leave your eyes. NOW get a move on your all assigned to tent 31. The suns about set and I have a nice warm fire to attend to!" He barked.

Felix and the others happily complied hoping the tent would be ever so slightly warmer. As they trekked through the snow which had been made very hard to traverse by the many frozen footprints that had been there before them, they saw a few frozen bodies, left their in example. Felix noticed that a soulless stood at every five tents as if in watch. The current residents of camp one looked longingly at the new arrivals hoping to hear of good news but they were quick to notice the defeated faces of Aria, and some of the others. Felix felt his blood boil, he will turn that longing and that defeated look into hope, if only he knew how.

Inside their assigned tent it was quickly apparent that their wasn't much space, and it was not much warmer then the outside. Especially since most of the floor was ice aside for a few mats that had been torn, and worn down. Felix chose a spot near the end of the tent, it was a patch of with shredded bits of hide. He guessed the previous owner of this spot was taking the hides of fallen wizards, it sickened him a little, but he thought if he died he would want one of his friends to take what they needed to carry on, hopefully bearing his dreams.

Aria had taken a Matt beside Felix. Earlier Aria and an older wizard had been to kind to just take it but finally the old man insisted that she take it because her life was more valuable and refused to take the spot, which eventually lead to Aria giving in and taking the spot. Once settled down she turned to Felix who was now looking into the ceiling of the tent lost in his head.

"How long do you think we'll survive?"She asked not really hoping for a response.

Felix shrugged," I don't plan to die, and so should you.  The question should be when are we getting out." He replied, making Aria laugh a little, but mostly annoying her.

"I believe your going to be one of the first to get killed the way you act. Its probably better if i keep my distance from you so I won't get killed alongside you." She Snorted before turning over.

Felix felt a little offended but understood what she meant, and dared not to defend himself, it would just be better to come up with a plan before saying anything.

The End

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