Great Northern glacierMature

Felix woke chained down in his seat, his neck and head were horribly sore. He could feel blood had dried on the side of his head from the kick he had received earlier. His sight was beginning to focus and he could see that the sun was rising off in an Eastern direction. He turned his head to the North and he could see the Northern mountains were growing steadily. Behind those mountains was the Great Northern Glacier. The Glacier spanned a distance even the strongest imagination could not possibly fathom.  However there was a legend of a wizard with extraordinary magic ability and had trekked over the glacier and taught magic to all the people of  Theadred. However most historians argued the people of Theadred had been using magic far before this legend had been created. But Felix's remembered from a certain lesson that every legend has an amount of truth.

The air began to warm up as the suns position rose in the sky and fellow captured wizards began to wake under its unyielding light. "the boy is finally awake." Grumbled an older man with specks of white beginning to take hold.

"Oi' you alright." Said a violet haired girl around his age from the end of the wooden caravan that Felix had just noticed was squeaking like an over excited budgie that you would love nothing better than to just shoot it.

"I have a killer headache and major need to beat someones head in but other then that I think I'm fine." Felix replied.

"That’s good the the caravan guards were thinking you were dead, and so did we. But seeing your alive.... Gives us hope that we can pull through." She said over enthusiastically," Anyways whats your name Flame head? Mine is Aria Shadowblade." She said as Felix began to take greater notice of her. Her violet hair covered half of a smooth but lightly tanned face with gorgeous deep green eyes. She wasn't very muscular, nor tall but she was beautiful despite the rags she was wearing for clothes at this point.

"My name is Felix Nether." He said trying to sound unimportant.

" Anether one huh?" She joked," My brother was good friend with one the people at your guild, they fought against the soulless in the battle for Inartear. He always had admiration for your guild."

"I see, I’m not one of the better wizards of the Nether guild." Felix said remembering barely being allowed to continue to higher levels of magic. Aria's face dropped a little. 

The conversation fell as Felix was not a beacon a hope they had hoped for. Felix hated being part of the inner circle of the Nether family and being forced into the Nether guild because of family pride. Felix had a love for magic but in most eyes little talent or feel for magic. As time went on he learned a spell or two but  he was not a match to any of the legends of the Nether guild in fact he was almost removed from the guild on several accounts.  However this did not stop him, Felix wouldn't let people keep him down because he wasn't what was expected of him. He wasn't a great wizard, that he was all around failure. Felix is far to stubborn to let that get him down and that is probably why he has got as far as he could with his inability with magic.

As they drew long and wizards kept quite as the caravan began to climb a steep mountain and guards had become irritable and the soulless began to act strangely, as they began to torment their prisoners with their cold aura, and manipulative grasp. But no one dared complained in fear of being tossed down to their death or worst becoming the fold of the soulless.  However unlike the others Felix started to smile, in defiance. The others had just thought he was delirious or just crazy.  The caravan began to make a sharp turn and the smell of smoked meat up ahead was most appealing, but the wizards were dismayed because they knew that smoked meat was not for them. Still Felix smiled which caught the attention of one of the guards.

"Hey flame head!" He shouted walking towards the caravan looking fairly disgruntled," Are you retarded boy?" The guard grabbed his hair and wacked him hard on a wooden support, Felix smile remained the same as the guard made eye contact with him.

"What so funny kid? I guess you like punishment? " The guard growled removing the chains instantly and picked Felix off the caravan single handedly and through to the ground. Felix still smiled, but got up only to be kicked as he tried to stand up.  The soulless began to surround the smiling idiot. The gaurd became very flustered and brought out a weapon.

"You want to die kid, you filthy piece of crap!" ,Felix nodded his head as his smile disappeared.

"No." He replied raising his right hand, opening it revealing a small but stronger blaze of fire then the one he tried to cast in the alleyway. The guard went from flustered to enraged, the soulless moved in on the boy casting magic despite the circumstances. Felix stepped aside avoiding the cold chill the soulless sent out before them. However the fire in his hands was beginning to die.

"Spiralling Flame!" He shouted the flamed bolted forward towards the guard however most of the power in the spell died away as the spiral hit the guard and only burned his exposed arm and some of the leather he was wearing.

"That's it your dead!"He screamed bringing out a serrated blade with a hideous green glow to it. However the soulless stepped in front of the defiant Felix.

"That's far enough Zael you will have your revenge I assure you. However this boy has stupidly revealed an unusual trait." A voice emanated from the soulless, a voice filled with malice, and darkness, it almost sounded as the voice spoke something was dying for every instant it talked.

"Yes my lord I apologize, I shall keep him at the great Glacier plane until your arrival." Zael said. The soulless then let Zael grab Felix Violently.

"Try anything else boy and I will make your death look like an accident. Also I don't count that as a blessing, no one survives our lords Experiments." he said Maliciously.

"Maybe I will be the first to survive then." Felix mumbled loud enough for Zael to hear. Zael turned around but a comrade grabbed his shoulder to hold him back.

The stop was quick at the camp, and all the wizards were handed a piece of bread and a fur hide, for the cold, and were told the more they worked at the great Glacier the more likely they will survive.  However all of them new if the blood thirstiness of the guards didn't kill them the cold probably will. The next day they where shipped up through the mountains, no one talked as the onset of cold made most of the curl up to keep warm. Within an hour or two a couple of the wizards began to suffer frostbites.  Felix tried to best the cold with his stubbornness but each moment became more sobering then the last. The caravan was travelling downwards and it was snowing lightly but the air itself felt like blankets of searing ice. Even moving through the air was taxing. Felix looked across from himself. Aria was shivering heavily, she was hiding her nose in to her fur hide Her eyes closed in pain.

"Stop thinking about the pain." Felix whispered," Focus on getting out of here, focus whatever magic you can use to keep your body warm. The soulless may just suppress our magic ability but it doesn't mean we can't use it." He advised hoping that what he had said made sense. Aria didn't reply but opened an eye in distrust and question, Felix shook his head encouraging her to try.

"Ah you see that up ahead!"Zael yelled," Look you pitiful lot, that's camp one, that were you will live and die." He laughed.

Felix looked over to see a massive camp forged from metal, in a circling an encampment with small little dots that he presumed where either people or tents. The metal wall was bent in facing towards the camp with sharp pointed ends. The metal was black with surfaces of brownish orange rust. To Felix the encampment was a blemish on a perfect white environment.  It was so unnatural to stare at, it hurt the eye.

The End

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