Exile of MagesMature

All the mages of Theadred have been exiled to the Great glacier planes in the North. Most of these mages will die, but the fate of humanity rests on these mages to combat the hopelessness is bringing down upon humanity.

Felix Nether

The men clothed in Black and red cloaks closed in the Red haired adolescent who spells where failing him as he back himself into  a cold darkened corner of an alleyway. His golden orange eyes beginning to show fear as he tried one last spell.

" Spiralling flames!" He shouted defiance as his hand gave ignited a feeble and weak looking flame that quickly turned to smoke.  The air chilled as the men clothed in black walked forward without falter, or hesitation. The man lifted the hood off revealing a cold pale face, and his pupils gone leaving the a pale brown iris. The boy muttered "Soulless quietly to himself."

The soulless then stooped only a foot away from the boy as a pale hand poked through the darkness of his cloak revealing a rune symbol literally meaning soulless.  The symbol glowed as the adolescent was forced to the ground and his own shadow was used to restrain his arms. This may have looked like magic but the boy knew this was the opposite, and it brought a fear far more terrible then dark forms of magic.  The soulless then took a step back as a member of the dark powers went up to the boy and immediately identified him.

"Felix Nether is it?  Another member of the Nethers guild is good. Process and the usual, to the Great Glacier planes!" The member said in a powerful tone of voice.

Felix's body began to shake as he imagined the frigid temperatures that he would have to endure through, but at this moment he swore to survive and avenge the murder of the Nether guilds slaughter! 

"Soon all you mages will just be a frozen memory and the rise of darkness will be absolute. Although I doubt you will be living that long boy!" The member laughed gleefully.

"Oh I will live long enough, and I will comeback and destroy you!" Felix spat which was rewarded with a swift kick to the gut.

"Foolish boy, you lost the moment this war started." The member told him before delivering a blow that would knock him unconsciouse."

The End

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