She deftly picked the pockets of her latest victim, taking everything that may be of use. Amongst that collection was a short sword. She picked it up and tested it, and two others like it. The first was the largest sword she could actually lift. She stole it, along with several daggers and a skin of water.

She had no need of a map, though the impostor posessed one. She had worked her way through Falcon Keep many times, and knew most of the layout quite, quite well. Many days she had splattered the walls of the keep with the blood of nobility, and until recently, no-one had suspected her of anything, after all, she was eleven, barely old enough to think for herself, not yet started puberty.

Yollona turned the corner, pulled on a wall-mounted candle, and disappeared through a hidden passage.

She resurfaced in an alley in a dangerous part of the city, Ducst Column. A newspaper flapped by on the idle underground air. The front boasted 'KING ALRIN DEAD BY REAVER'S HANDS: MASSIVE MANHUNT UNDERWAY' Yollona grabbed it from the air and settled down to read in the dim alley light.


That was her, Reaver was how she was known. Probably a fair few called her monster, abomination, while others blamed it on the parents what parents? and forgave her for that assumption that she had had less than adequate parents WHAT PARENTS? but she liked the idea of being universally known as Reaver. The very thought would bring fear to the hearts of her foes, until their guts lay in pretty patterns all over their carpets.

The End

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