Yollona is a serial killer. The media dubs her 'Reaver', due to the violent way in which she kills.
There are not many killers in Altrue, that is one unusual thing about her. Another is, that she is only eleven.

The air vibrated with the thousand spears pounding against the thousand shields and all the voices became one, chanting, demanding: 'The Long Halls! The Long Halls!' Then, Maker Ignuden appeared on the balconey and all was silent.

'The prisoner shall face exile in the Long Halls.' The many erupted into celebration, again pounding spear against shield, though out of rhythm with all the others. The sound rolled like a wave of hate ecstatic over all Altruemen. The city of Altrue shook to its roots with feet stamping and voices shouting 'All Hail Maker Ignuden!' throughout the sea of people. The Maker himself stood there and acknowledged his sudden burst of popularity with a glib smile. He turned and eyed the vacant throne. Not long now, he thought to himself, just one last push.

Varashden slithered to him. 'Sir, shall I begin the preparations now?' Drunk with victory, Ignuden put his arm on the half-man's shoulder.

'Inform the prisoner that they are to be exiled come noon tomorrow, and set the preparations for then. Make sure all in the city know. Ensure you inform the newspapers, and get the woman from the Times for an interview afterwards, in my private chambers. Do you understand me, Varashden?'

'Ooh yes, sir. Very well, sir.'

'Then be off with you.' Before Ignuden had finished his dismissing sentence, Varashden had scuttled away from him. Ignuden watched him go. When the half-man had turned the corner and no sight of him remained, Ignuden lifted his gaze to meet that of a guard's. 'You!' he said to the guard, 'go with him, make sure he carries out his orders.' The guard saluted and ran down the passage to catch up with the lolloping misfortune. Ignuden stood victorious, he would not suffer any eyeballing from anyone, man, wife or guard tonight, yes, he stood on the metaphorical field of battle victorious, the Lord of the World. Tonight, Maker Ignuden was invincible.

The End

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