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And this is all I have so far. The last part was added Jan 2007, sometime. It's lame, I know. You don't have to tell me. :P But I thought I'd share it with you guys anyways. Tell me what you think, and obviously, it's not the end of the story - i just stopped suddenly.


Maraim was so excited that she was stumbling over herself as she ran over the steep sand paths that she remembered taking when she lived around here, just over a year ago. Surprisingly, Sword Isle was still the same, well, Sword Isle. Nothing out of the place, you still saw people climbing into the Coliseum, the place more histoircally known than all seven wonders of the world combined.

She's here, I know she's here, I can feel her here. It's got to be real. I know it's real, Maraim thought to herself as her breath quickened, and she filled more with anticipation as she got further to... anywhere, Sakura could be anywhere around these parts. Chances of Sakura being located at the Coliseum were pretty low - for the first time ever.

Niv was slowly but eventually coming up behind her, running like a penguin with his stubby legs, but with a bit more grace. His heavy weapons and armour swayed with his movements, and it made the force of gravity have a more easier time pulling him flat to the ground. He glistening with little beads of sweat, and he became agitated at the distance that Maraim gained from himself.

"Sakura!" Maraim shouted aloud as she fell to the ground, on all floors, breathing as hard as she could, inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling.. she began to wonder if it was her running or her excitement that casued the over excretion of her muscles. She fell, and spread her arms and legs as if ready to start making snow angels. Her breathing could be seen in the evening hair, indicating that it was slightly chilly. She didn't feel anything though; her mind was on one track, and hopefully that track would eventually lead her to Sakura. Niv followed up, resting on his knees.

"If.. you... ever... cause... my.. heart that much... excitement... ever... aga - Niv was cut of by a violent jerk of his body. He was turned around by a force not his own, and was soon standing face-to-face.. well actually face to waist.. with someone that seemed familiar but not quite. Niv looked up at him, with a furious look in his eyes, ready to put this guy in his place for treating public strangers with such inconsideration when suddenly he was smacked, severely, upside the head, causing his small, but heavy and solid body to collapse onto the ground, out cold.

Maraim hiked up on her elbows and was ready to speculate on this guy's attitude, when her words froze mid way to her mouth. She saw a long red trench coat that slightly dusted the debris around this guy's feet, which were covered by very tall black boots. Yellow eyes hidden by orange glasses from a pair of goggles peered down at Maraim from beneath a brimmed large red hat. He first looked at her with a blank expression, which slowly turned into a smirk, and instantly Mariam pulled a name - the right name - from her mind.

"Alucard." She spoke, the feeling of not being herself became quite familiar again.

"How did you know my name?" The ancient vampire asked, still peering down at her, not a change in facial expressions.

"I don't know." Maraim said with honest sarcasm, "It's a gift of mine. In which I can also tell you that you're that bat that spoke to me that night on the boat."

"Well, I was going to tell you that anyways, so don't go thinking that you've discovered some kind of great mystery." Alucard stated, as the moon's reflection shifted on his goggles.

Maraim stretched and than stood up, knowing that Alucard also had something going on in his brain, or else he wouldn't of came upon her and Niv like that, and attacked the poor dwarf. She stood her ground, which could be told by the firm expression of mockery on her face.

"What do you want?" Maraim asked.

"You to help me." Alucard replied, crossing his arms.

"Give me one good reason."

"It has to do with Sakura."

Maraim grew silent, and her facial expression dropped, "What do you know about her."

"Were you not listening to me that night on the boat? She's my doll. I seemed to have misplaced her, so I need you to help me find her."

"It depends on what you mean by 'dolls'?"

Alucard smirked, "I like to play dress-up every now and again, and it's seems I've been dreading not being able to play recently."

"I refuse to help you if you plan on using Sakura like that."

"Oh." Alucard shrugged, "Well, she'll die then if you don't."

Maraim's alert senses were tugged a bit, "How do I know to trust you?"

"Don't if you don't want to." Alucard shrugged, "I just need some help getting my dollie back. And you seemed to have close relations with it.. which is why I'm here."

"But wait.." Maraim said, "You told me to stay away from her."

"Yeah, well, that was before she decided to try and escape - and accomplish it all."

Alucard glanced down at Niv laying on the ground. Maraim stared at him for a moment or two, just to see if she could figure anything out.. to see if his hair looked funny, or his nose, his face, the way he carried himself. Anything. This was an all time chance to find Sakura, but if Alucard was lying, then Maraim could possibly be walking into a blind date with Death. It bothered her a bit, but at this point, anything could be believable.

"Fine. But the first sign of anything suspicious, you're on your own."

"It's settled then." Alucard smirked, placing a hand on Maraim's shoulder. He leaned closer to her ear, "Besides, the best thing about this doll, is that I can share with anyone I want to."

His goggles slid part way down his nose revealing powerful yellow eyes; he looked down at Maraim and winked.

The End

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