Am I Really This Close?Mature

Mariam was sure there was something missing; the complete thought in which Alucard cast upon her, was very much like a puzzle than anything comprehensible.

The preponderance of "why?", always seemed to surface in her mind, ever since meeting Niv in the pub, and learning about this news, apparently a year after it was said to have happened. How could she have missed it? Where did she go? Why wasn't she there when Sakura needed her? Why were the gods deciding to punish her in this atrocious way? More questions than answers, and Mariaim couldn't handle it any longer. With Niv beside her, she was tenacious to finish this excursion to find answers.

It had been days, maybe weeks - who was counting the time anymore? - since Mariam had her aberrant encounter with Alucard; and was labeled dangerous to the environment, for claiming to such blasphemy.

All of this on her shoulders, but yet she had the slightest prickle that Sakura was alive. But Niv had so considerately assured her that is was denial of actually losing her. Sakura was gone, in reality, but for now, to keep Mariaim in check with sanity, she was holding on to the smallest faith that Sakura was out there; regardless if her death was witnessed by thousands. No one liked her at that Coliseum, so the best present you could give them, would be a death story of one of the most envied fighters ever. Yet again, Niv was the teller of this story; and according to Niv, he held Sakura in high regard.



"Can we take a break?"

"Would that be a wise decision?"

"Well, unless you want me to resort to cannibalism, then sure, let's continue."

Niv snorted, "Aye be. Fine then."

This was the first time that Mariaim was able to take in her surroundings, examine the terrain, and know where she was. She was on a beach. After leaving their boat on the shore, they decided to head east, down the beach, until they reached one town or another.


This place was familiar. Very familiar. Where has she seen it before?

Then, there it was. Like the slow realization of the hot sand on her feet, it came to her. First like small rain drops, and then thick like corn syrup. This was the beach. The beach where her and Sakura had their first..

"Hey!" It was Niv, snapping her back to reality, once again. This time it was like a sudden hot hand of anger probing her insides, and she snapped back.


"You wanted to stop, and eat." Niv pronounced, making it clear that this was her idea, and that if anyone should be snapping in anger, it should be him.

Mariam grabbed the pineapple out of Niv's hand, which he had stopped to cut for himself. She stuffed it in her mouth, and quickly did a 360 turn. Violently wipping back to Niv, she spoke to him in a hastened mouth full of words, "Dowooknowwoowooarrr?"

"Say that again."

Maraim swallowed, and nearly spat the words all over Niv, "Do you know where we are?"

Even though Mariam was positively sure, she wanted to hear it from another sane being, just to know she wasn't seeing things. She looked at Niv with such stir, that Niv was sure himself, that this girl was having another episode. Her eyes were lit with anticipation. She wanted him to say the right name. She needed him to say the right name.

"You don't recognize this place?" Niv asked, sarcastically.

Mariam said nothing.

"It's Sword Isle." Niv answered, as if it were the most obvious answer ever, "You're home."

Mariam didn't say a word. All hard emotion she had in her face seemed to dissolve, and her eyes glossed over, and soonish she was flooding tears like an ocean. She grabbed Niv, held him close in a death grip hug, and broke out in exasperated sobs.

She was finally home.

The End

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