Where Am I Now?Mature

Sakura awoke silently with sticky eye lashes.

Everything around her, or whatever seemed to be around, felt as though it was covered in a veil of wispy atmosphere. Like something between a dream and reality. Being half asleep, yet partly awake. Sakura could do one of two things; she could wake up in a place that was better than the last pit of rats she was in, or she could still be surfing with her friendly rabies ridden rodents.

She rolled over. Or at least tried to, but her hip bones needed a little bit of oiling before she could gain full function of her body again. So much for being a vampire.. an invincible one at that.

Her colorless eyes skimmed a roof made of straw and quickly dying wood; it was shaped like a steeple. It attached to a gray brick wall. Water stains covered it, like black waterfalls. The floor was titled, or at least from what Sakura could see. Her ears quirked violently, she hissed through her teeth, and eventually heard a soft voice, that also seemed wispy, coming from a distance. She steered her vision to a iron door a few feet from whatever it was that she was laying in. The voice turned up a level, and she could faintly hear what was being said.. it sounded like a conversation, a one handed conversation, she couldn't make out any other voices.

".. I ain't lyin'; she was there. Ass over tea kettle in the sand, bathing in her own blood," the voice explained, "Sure dang was surprised when I felt her breath."

There was a pause.

"She in the back, restin'; Don't really feel like disturbing her though. You know what folks say about things like that. You'd catch me kissing a hare's ass before going off and involin' myself in dark things like that. You know, vampires and other blood lovin' creatures. No sire, I think I'll be just fine by staying out of anyone's personal sacrifice circle.. don't want my body covered in crosses with them neat smellin' candles set around me."

Sakura heard a muffled case of laughter.

"SHE GOT TEETH!" the voice roared, "AND A SHARP PAIR AT THAT. You done gone and be a damn fool and come check her out then. Don't come hollerin' to me to go get my shotgun if she so happens to bite the set of hands right off ya."

Sakura's expression was crooked, 'Are they talking about me?'

"..Ight then, see you in a few... ya damn fool."

A clunk, and then a series of footsteps dragging around outside the door followed. The whispy world that Sakura found herself in, soon disappeared, as the door opened. She looked over in curiosity, eyes wide as a man stepped in.

He was muffling something, as he dragged his feet around the room. Sakura could feel him looking over at her, partly afraid, and partly because he didn't want her to wake up.. and 'bite the set of hands off him.' He was rough looking. A bad shaver.. you could tell he missed out on a lot of 5 o'clock shadows. His hair was oily, a dirty blond color, and he wore a red plaid jacket, that was stained with oil, the same went for his pair of blue jeans.

Sakura's eye shot at the door once more, as another man walked in. This one being a total paradigm shift of the other. He was dressed, from head to toe in a suit you'd see a apostle wearing. He carried a case, a leather one. If Sakura didn't know any better, she could of guessed that this new guy came from a totally different period in time.

"About time you got here, I was starting to get the spooks." the rough-around-the edges man spoke, rubbing his hands together repeatably.

"Is this her?" the new guys voice was much more deep and smooth.

"Yeah, wanna plan on doing wit' 'er?"

"You'll see."

The End

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