"I was so close.."Mature

A red flash.

Before Sakura had time to comprehend what just happened to her, she was already on the sandy grounds, breathing in for any air that she could get. Her rub caged throbbed, and a dull ringing pain flowed from bone to bone. She hurt like hell.

Hot breath that smelled richly of old blood found it's way to Sakura's nose, and her gut twisted, she could hardly hear the voice ringing in her ears, "You're to late. Game over. The girl dies, all thanks to you."

"Shu..sh..s...ut.. shut up." Sakura said hoarsely, as her eyelids fluttered.

"One minute too late. If only your feet would of picked you up more quicker. Too bad Sakura, no second chances."

Sakura was finding it more harder to breath, and her being dead now, saved her from dying.

Sakura heard a high pitched scream, and although she wished she'd instantly feel better, and rise up to her feet and go kick Alucard's ass, she knew she couldn't. Whatever person or force that pushed her down, made sure they went for a death blow. Maraim was within her reach, she was close enough for Sakura to dash and grab her, but she was a little disabled at the moment, and she couldn't. Go figure.

Another scream, and another blow to the body. This time Sakura screamed, but she quickly deaf. She could feel herself screaming in agony, but couldn't hear a thing. It didn't even sound muffled. It was like Sakura was away from her body, watching herself scream from a sound proof room. She couldn't see Maraim around though, nor could she see Alucard. It was only her, laying in the sand, screaming. What a sight would it be if people started roaming about.

Another blow to the head, and Sakura was in darkness.

The End

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