A Fake RealityMature

Oh, and uh.. have I mentioned that this story is LAME!? :P


Sakura's breathing was hoarse.

She had been running for hours. The night was getting old, and was about to die out, as the sun would soon be taking it's reign over. Her legs muscles beat with the impact of her feet on the surface of Sword Isle. Nothing seemed to be beating faster though, than her heart.

Ever since becoming the walking dead, emotions like these haven't been felt in awhile. Ever since she died. She was glad that she was feeling something. Loving someone as strong as she did, and then upon seeing them again, she feel nothing, seemed completely wrong. The visual of her heart not twisting and her skin not becoming that of a goose's diminished when she approached closer to the other end of Sword Isle. The outskirts of the ocean were coming into view, and it wouldn't be long before she was reunited.

Something rare happened, Sakura smiled. Her fangs overlapped her bottom lip, reminding her that she wasn't human, and soon enough her smiled faded. Then something struck her. Her eyes widened, and she cursed herself for forgetting.

Alucard was up to something; 'go now before you smell her blood in the ocean'.

Was Maraim going to die? Was Alucard sending someone to kill her? Or was he going to kill her himself?

She then remembered that it took longer to run then to fly, and she had a terrible feeling that Alucard turned into a bat for a reason. Sakura was in doubt, she wouldn't be surprised if Alucard was ripping Maraim apart. She shuddered, and ran faster.

If Maraim were to be attacked, she would most likely sreech, and if she did so, Sakura would hear it. And her ears rung, hoping they wouldn't fill up with such a sound. But then again, she was waiting for it. Too find out that she was to late. Too run into a slaughtered body of the one she once loved, still loved.

'That's it, get yourself worked up.'

Sakura bit down on her lip, fighting of the urge to curse and hate her master. She bit so hard, she pierced her upper lip. She flinched but recovered. She wasn't going to let Alucard get to her. Why he wanted to get to her in the first place was a mystery to Sakura. There was defiantly a reason why Alucard was putting Sakura to the test.

Why are you doing this to me?

Because, you're a vampire. But yet you're acting like a mortal. Vampires don't love. If they did, they'd have a harder time killing these things we call; Humans.

And that's a reason?

Yes! You foolish ninjagirl! I'm going to kill Maraim, so you can get used to the lose of innocent ones' souls, and the loss of loved ones. Too the point where it doesn't matter to you anymore.

Sakura's dead heart sank, and her eyes widened, No! You sick freak! I won't let you. Don't kill her! Or I will burn myself in the sun, leaving you to find another vampire servant.

You say that as if I actually need you. Go ahead! Kill yourself. It'll take me less then a minute to bite someone and give them my blood.

But will they be like me? You obviously singled me out and acted as if I needed your help to kill Thin. I would've killed him on my own terms, and still be alive. Whereas, I could be running to Maraim right now, as a human being. You had me killed for a reason. You knew that if I still lived, I wouldn't join you. So you had me killed, knowing I would still choose live over death, and then give me no choice but to join you.

You're a clever girl. But that's not even close. You're knowledge on the afterlife is obviously very thin. And if you lived, you wouldn't even know Maraim was here. Maraim wouldn't even be coming right now, if you hadn't died.


You test my patience, ninjagirl! You have 5 minutes to save the one that you apparently love. If you don't make it. She's gone, and you will watch her bleed slowly, until the death.

Sakura took no extra time to ponder on Alucard's short but sweet deal. She picked up, even faster that had been going previously. The ocean was now approaching rapidly. She had no estimation of when she'd arrive. But she knew she had five minutes.

And then she saw something, that stirred her dead heart; Maraim.

She was there, standing, looking strong and healthy.

Sakura smiled.

The End

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