Heated UpMature

FTR: Sakura will be running a lot in the next few chapters.


Approaching footsteps and a young woman's voice, speaking hastily and angrily; Your footprints have curved there soles into the ground for too long, and you have breathed the same air as any mortal throughout the land. You disgust me, your kind shouldn't have blood flowing through their viens.


Sakura had hot blood rushing to every point of her body, she was running the fasted she'd ran in awhile. Her pink hair was flipping behind her, whisking in rhythm with the wicked wind that lashed at her rosy cheeks. She looked like a doll, if she didn't know better, she'd say she was one herself.

The moon was still risen, and the excitement of a rush thrilled Sakura's senses. She was going crazy, like a pig in mud. Her feet barely touched the cool sand under her toes. Sand was kicking up all around her, a sandstorm. Still, she never ceased to stop, her body ripped through it like it was linen.

Until Alucard appeared, and knocked her over easier then rock on wood. She collided hard with him, hard enough to leave a ringing sensation throughout her whole entire body. She bit on her lip, trying not to grasp for the sand filled air. Sand got everywhere, her mouth, her eyes, her ears and her hair. She cursed aloud.

"Hush, ninjagirl!" Alucard snapped, grabbing her, and hoisting her up with one arm.

"What's your problem!" Sakura lashed out, "That hurt like hell."

"Welcome to it, sweety." Alucard scowled making no attempt to cease the fight.

Sakura broke the grip, and panted, glaring at Alucard, "What the hell do you want?"

"It's Maraim." Alucard stated, "She's approaching Sword Isles."

Sakura's frown disappeared, and the boiling blood in her viens, ceased. Her hair brushed her shoulders, untamed. Her eyes hid under the shadows of the rings of death around her face, and her body stood still, "What?"

"Maraim, shes' approaching the south beaches, she's in a boat, with another passenger, you better get to her, before anyone else does. I just thought I'd warn you about that." Alucard explained, a single fang escaping his lips, as he sent a devilish grin towards Sakura.

Sakura caught on, and her previous self re-entered.

"How can I know this isn't a trick?" Sakura asked.

"The only way to find out, is to look for yourself; go now before you smell her blood in the ocean." Alucard snapped, as his shadows shrunk into the size of a vampire bat. It gave one violent swish of it's wings before hitting for the moon.

Sakura picked up on her game again, and was of, hoping to reach the other side before sun rise.

The End

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