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Maraim and the dwarf man, better known as, Niv, both sat comfortably in the small boat that they rented from the local fishermen of Exhilation. It wasn't that comfortable but they were told that it was sturdy and could handle it's own. They've been sailing for a few hours now. On there way to Sword Isle. This was the route the Niv told her he took when he decided to leave the connected islands of terror. He explained to her that the waves weren't as rough as any regular route a person would take. Well, if these waves weren't rough, then Maraim would like to see what chaos the other routes would cause. These waves were hitting them, continuously. Her gut twisted and turned with every speed bump.

A shadow moved across the sky, hiding the luminous moon. The earthly glow of the ocean faded, and whatever made noise, seized. There was only a moment that passed, but it was a moment of pure fright. Fear snailed, up and down, Maraim's spine. Leaving a mark wherever it passed. Her heartbeat ceased, her throat gripped for whatever breathe she was able to breath. The small, stubble, but brave dwarf that occupied her, grabbed for his battle axe. The boat, that they were aboard, stopped. The waves weren't throwing it around, like they were just a minute ago.

The predator that sought them out, fluttered above them. It;s long black wings beating against the air waves. It's long vampire fangs, overlapped it's bottom lip. And a low hissing sound echoed from it's small but strong chest. A bat glided above their heads. An abnormally large bat.

"Go off, ye bugger!" Niv cursed, making a deathly swing of his battle axe.

Being around Sakura for awhile can have it's benefits. Being around a girl with an endless pit of courage and dare, you'd learn a few tricks here and there. If this were three years ago, Maraim would've been in the water, swimming for the closet piece of land. Even though fear struck here, it wouldn't feel right for her to show it. She had to be brave. For Sakura. She swallowed her pride and gripped a paddle from the boat. Holding it across her chest, ready to take a swing.

Don't attempt to take my doll away from me.


"I didn't say a'fing." Niv hissed, as he took another, pointless swing.

Or esle, the sea will be red with your blood.

Maraim looked at the dwarf man once more before shifting her glance, upwards, to check out the bat, "Are you talking to me?"

You've had your warning.

Within a matter of seconds, the sky returned, and as if on que, the ocean continued with it's regular motion. The waves hit the boat hard, causing both fighters to fall on their behinds, hard. The shadow passed, and live returned.

"Did you hear all of that?" Maraim asked, fixing herself.

"Hear what?" Niv sniffed, trying to get off his knees.

"The bat, he was talking." Maraim explained.

Niv looked at her, his small beady eyes peering through thick bushes of eyebrows. He wasn't taking her seriously, "I think ye need to get yer head checked."

"No." Maraim sighed, "The bat was talking to me, telling me about staying away from his doll, or else the sea will be red with my blood."

Niv wasn't listening, he was running around the small floating collection of wood, repairing anything that seemed to be out of place, "Ye can't be returning this with any broken nooks and crannies."

Maraim rolled her eyes, "You don't have to believe me, but that bat was talking to me."

"Oh, hush yer lips." Niv laughed, "The night is running late. Ye probably was half asleep or something. Now, don't worry yer little head about it. We'll be at the darn islands in less then half a sun, so get yer rest, before ya start thinking that the whales is trying to talk to ye."


Sakura was running, her bare feet feeling cool against the sand of the Sword Isle beaches. The sun was gone, and the moon shone bright, her new best friend. The chains that she was lugging around, glided behind her, like loose strands of her pink hair. Her face glowed. She looked like a ghost. But, right now, she didn't take notice, or at least didn't want to. She was running, for the first time in awhile. Her muscles also seemed a little rusted. Besides, she didn't want to rest until her 'master' returned.

The tide creeped in silently. It sounded nice. Sakura might of been dead, but she was grateful that she could still enjoy the pleasures that the world it self could give her. The waves, and the grinding of feet on sand brought back so many memories.

"Sakura!" Maraim shouted, lugging a few feet from Sakura, "Get back here."

Sakura's long pink hair cascaded around her, as she turned, into a backward run. Even then, Maraim still couldn't keep up with her, she laughed and grinned at Maraim's attempt to get her ring back. A ring that she had, since God knows when, "Na ah. You hafta catch me first."

They both ran, barefoot in the sand, the sun still freshly in the sky, beating down on the them. It would've been a paradise, if it wasn't for the fact that they were on Sword Isle.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Maraim playfully argued, "You know I can't catch you."

"I'd have a second thought about that one, Maraim." Sakura laughed, "You're almost close to me."

"Are you mad?" Maraim asked, "You're at least ten feet from me, and you know more then anyone else that, that's the farthest I ever got to you when it came to running."

Sakura stopped suddenly, and it delayed Maraim's stopping.

She held Maraim's ring between her thumb and index finger. She held it out for Maraim to grab.

Five feet..

Three feet..

As soon as Sakura was in arms reach, Maraim leaped. Sakura was faster. She withdrew her arm, and Maraim nearly fell, she would've if Sakura didn't catch her halfway. The two girls giggled it out, both eventually coming to a breathless stop.

Maraim caught Sakura's eyes and smiled, "What would the fighters of the coliseum think if they saw their top female warrior playing tag with a weak girl like me?"

Sakura snorted a laugh, "Who cares. They don't like me at all in the first place."

Maraim shrugged, "Their loss."

Sakura didn't know weather to smile or frown at that statement, so she obtained her confused smile, as usual. Maraim moved a bit closer to Sakura, her sandy toes overlapping Sakura's. She smiled, in a locked glance with Sakura.

The next thing, sent Sakura's world into a tumble and flip.

Maraim's lips met her cheek. And she turned five different shades of red.

The memory came and went as fast as any other previous memory she had of Maraim. The thought about never seeing Maraim again got her adrenaline pumping, and it sent her into a fierce speed of running. She ran and ran, picking up speed with every pump of her legs. Her hair whip lashed behind her, making it seem like a small storm of pink. Her insides were boiling.

Wait a second?

She was dead. She was told that she'd never feel another emotion again.

Sakura suddenly tripped and hit the sand hard. She didn't bother catching herself, which she could of done if she tired. She punched the ground several times, leaving a deep impact, deeper then if a regular human would punch the ground. Her head was spinning, and became frustrated.

Screw the whole vampires can't have feelings theory. Alucard lied to her, and that only added to her anger. She added one more fierce fist to the ground, and was surprised to feel some wet hit her cheek. Several more rolled down her cheeks, and dripped of her chin, like a melting icicle. Something hit the sand, leaving a small dark circle of water.

A tear.
The End

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