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Sakura swallowed hard, she had to use her all, to fight the temptation to hurl. This blood, was disgusting. But she had to drink it, in order to continue on in her last form of live, or so Alucard said. Her tongue hung over her bottom lip. She didn't want to taste the last mouth full of the cursed red liquid.

"Drink it!" Alucard demanded, "Before blood it self becomes scare."

"Man.." Sakura sighed, "Can't blood come in different flavors?"

"It does." Alucard replied, "Not my fault you can't use your nose."

Sakura frowned, as she drunk the last mouthful of blood. Her face twisted, she was deathly close to hurling.

As the weeks continued on, Sakura was becoming used to her new vampire life. She started getting some feelings back. Her taste bugs decided to comeback at the wrong time though. The past few days, Sakura had been drinking nothing but foul blood. It was driving her crazy. Unlike Alucard, who always came home satisfied.
Her looks became humbled. She hated how white and dark her face had become. She wanted her old one back, but she had to face the facts. Nothing from her old life was going to come back. She hadn't fought in awhile either. She wasn't allowed that privilege. The sun was out most of the day. She had to avoid that. She could fight from the shadows. But who would like that? She preferred fist to face.

"You want to fight don't you?" Alucard asked.

"Yes." Sakura nodded.

"You know the deal, ninjagirl." he replied, "Besides, your patients will be rewarded shortly."

Sakura looked up at him, she wiped the corner of her mouth, her fangs overlapping her bottom lips, "What to you mean?"

"You'll see."

"I hate when you do that." Sakura scowled, rolling her eyes.

Alucard laughed, as he stood up. He approached the outskirt of Sakura's front door. The sun mirrored bright rays on him. He stood unphased. Sakura noticed this, and her eyebrows stitched together in confusion. But before she could speak, he cut in, "I'm going off for the night. Don't do anything stupid."

Sakura's mouth gawked open, upon witnessing him turn into a miniature blood sucking animal. A bat. The wings were abnormally large, and the small head was barely noticeable. The body was, in a way, similar to Alucard's. He screeched, before spewing from the small hut. Sakura didn't even bother trying to figure any of it out, she just shook her head and stood. She paced back the fro throughout her hut. Thoughtless. Bored.

"I need a life," Sakura sighed, "literally."

"Sakura is here!" a screech echoed throughout the hut, and Sakura jumped.

Before she could become alert, a small blur of orange and white attacked her. Sakura didn't fall. Instead she refluxed back, pinning the attacker to her wall. Her teeth were bare. Her eyes wide and wild, and a low hiss came from her mouth. She was vicious.

"Sakura okay?" two small innocent eyes glanced at her, as Sakura's strong hands pinned the attacker down.

Sakura noticed the small frightened face of Ed.

"Uh.." Sakura's face turned blank as she let go of Ed's, now red arms.

"Sakura strong strong." Ed grinned, rubbing her arms, although you could see the pain in Ed's eyes.


"Excuse me?" Maraim asked, approaching the same small dwarf that told her the news she didn't want to hear.

The dwarf spun around on it's small, wide heels and looked up at the red eyed beauty. He rubbed his chin, he was about to speak, until he noticed who it was. His eyes were friendlier then before, and Maraim felt the sympathy coming from him.

She didn't like it.

"Can you help me out, again?" Maraim asked.

The dwarf seemed to be thinking, he rubbed his face, from the chin to the sideburns. He needed a shower, "I suppose. What do ye need help with?"

"I need to get to Sword Isle." Maraim replied.

Her statement was strong, and seemed to stand. The dwarf noticed this, and all efforts to argue with her were took down. He removed his hat, and rubbed his greaseball hair. He seemed dirty compared to the last time Maraim saw him. He placed his hat back on his head, yawned and then answered, "I suppose I could assist ye in that."

Maraim smiled, wide, for the first time in awhile, "Thanks."

The dwarf hadn't expected the praise, seeing how something like that wasn't popular in Exhilation. He glanced up at her one more time before turning around and trotting off, his legs were stubby and he wobbled, like a penguin. Maraim thought it was cute, and she chuckled.

"Follow me."

The End

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