A Sign GivenMature

Sakura changed around, the pinkish blush color wasn't really fitting, for a dead person, that was still, in way, living. She had to ditch the passionate color of dark red that covered her body, such as the jumper, and shorts. Those were the first to go. She decided to keep the sandels. The hair. Oh, the hair. Cottoncandy blended hair didn't look to threatening on a dead person, but she had to keep it. In a way, it was her trademark. The 'pink haired hazard', which she was referred to, was something she decided that she'd keep. To let Sword Isle, and perhaps maybe the rest of the world know, that this small white skinned girl was still here to bust a few nines. Except, there was a bigger risk then before.

In all of Sword Isle, there has been enemies, upon enemies. Some of them coming in with dull nail bats, and rusted swords, but others come in, caring quite the barrier of shield and sword. Sakura had to watch out for those. Even though she was dead, she still had to watch her heart. This time from just physical encounters. The mental pain wasn't going to be shredding her heart apart anymore, or so she thought.

Sakura slipped her tank top over her chest. It fitted better, and it brought enough comfort in day and fight. It fell, perfectly over the knee cut pants that she was forced to wear. Yes, and it was all black. Way to not try and attract the sun. She had a few handy chains attached, cascading from back to leg. They weren't the average chains either. More like the ones you'd use if you were protecting your life saving. The thick ones. The ones that weighted a ton. Every time she kicked, punched, or threw something, the chains would follow her every movement. But watching Sakura, you'd think they were plastic. She threw her fists like she was pulling nothing but air. Her sandals still fitted comfortably. But they were quite blood stained. It was something that let Sakura realize how much blood she had lost to get to where she was. She removed her forehead protector, the one that bared her country's symbol. She left it with Ed, the last time they met. She still had those switch blades on her, and she attached them, as if they were a feather to a pillow. She was a vampire, so she had to start acting like one.

It had been a few days since Sakura got the fangs, and she had learned as much as she could. She was told that she'd get her feelings back, which she was doing. She was told that she'd be able to see and hear things that are quite a number of miles away. And what seemed like ton would feel like plastic. It was all coming true. It was frustrating as well. It made Sakura miss her old self, the person she was, when she was alive. As for feeling emotions, she had only the emotions that she was left with. She'd never gain new trust of anyone. Or, she'd never fall in love. Nothing in a emotional sense would be happening to her in a new way.

"Are these chains, necessary?" Sakura asked.

"Yes." Alucard added, "You'll notice just how necessary they are."

"Whatever you say, master." Sakura sighed.

Alucard smiled, his lips curved around a smoke. He had his boots kicked up and relaxed, and his arms sprawled over the lining of Sakura's bed. He was relaxing. Something he didn't do much. He watched her, and the person she was. He was impressed with his new choice of companion. Besides her slowness of acknowledging things, she seemed strong beyond her years. Her eyes were different too. They weren't as green and beautiful as before. There still seemed to be a small tint of green, but it blended in with the dullness of gray. Her eyelashes seemed longer too. Her eyes seemed dark. Alucard thought it was beautiful. She stood before him. She carried tons of thick chains with her, and her clothes suited well. It wouldn't be that much longer.

My doll.

Maraim lay, her hair in a basket around her. She had screamed and hollered until her voice was hoarse. Until her vocal cords stitched together, refusing to let her scream anymore. Sakura was dead. What a great thing to wake up to. She lay, in the green fields. The middle of nowhere. She wanted to be alone. Until death. Until she could rejoin with Sakura again. Knowing her, she didn't do exactly what she thought she would do.

She was shaking, and her lips were blue. Her eyes were red, after hours of crying. She sat up innocently and quietly. Her back ached, and she heisted before standing. Her legs were weak, but she forced them to move. Sakura wouldn't want her to act like this in conclusion to her death. She would want her to live on the way Sakura would live on. Fight the battle we call, life.

She stood in the green fields. Lifeless and motionless. No thoughts but yet a thousand thoughts came to her. Like traffic. She didn't pay mind. She stared into space while the thoughts just sped by. She didn't feel like stopping any of them, to pay them any time. She wanted to pay all her time with Sakura. But, it was obviously to late for that.

Then a gasp.

Like a fog knife, something went through her. Not physically, but mentally. A emotional sword stabbed through her, and she gasped. The wind picked up for a moment, and the green fields swirled at her feet. Scratching at her ankles and shins. She looked down. Then an icy breeze from the east made her get whiplash. It surpassed, and she continued and look in the direction of the fast pace winding breeze. Something brushed against her cheek, and was caught in the flap of her hair. She quickly grabbed for it. It was soft, so she fitted her fingers around it gently. Upon is touching her fingers, the wind suddenly stopped, and her hair fall into place across her shoulder blades. Her cheeks were a rosy pink from the cool wind, and her eyes were once again glossed. She slowly opened her hand, one finger at a time.

A cherry blossom.

A wave of warmth took over, and Maraim found herself smiling.

A sign from Sakura perhaps?

She placed the cherry blossom in her hair. It was pretty. The shade of pink was artisitc. Like something you'd only see in a painting. Something unique. Like Sakura. Maraim decided then that she didn't have to morn about a lose, she had to go and celebrate it. By going to the fallen place of her love. Sword Isle.

The End

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