A Splash to the FaceMature

I like how I am spending my time here with you. If it came to the choice; either staying here or going back to my own world. I'd stay. Back there, my treasures were scattered amongst everything. But here, it seems like all I have to do is turn to you. Maraim, you're quite the treasure. Let's just hope that no pirates come and swift you away.

Maraim awoke with a groggy feeling, that interrupted just about every sense that she had in her body. All atoms in here body seemed to be exhausted. The stress tension that was building up in her body was doing quite the job at crushing her system. She needed to have a nice scream. Possibly run about, flailing her arms, getting just about everything out. For the first time since she'd awoken from a sleep that seemed to be long enough for a god, she had a dream of Sakura. She was quite surprised that she could still remember who Sakura was.

Then it came to mind, that she needed to know what date it was.

Common Sense, 0. Stupidity, 1.

She had lifted her head, from the it's resting spot in her folded arms. It felt heavy. It was strange. Heck, everything was. She had managed to drink a few gulps before passing out again. The noise in the pub wasn't the most inviting when it came to resting. She pushed out, from her chair, and stood up. She fixed her hair, patted down her jumper, and headed for the door.

Upon stepping out from the darkness, a small human, actually, something between that and a dwarf, brushed past her, it's shoulder seemed rough against her waist. He noticed his small encounter, and came to a stop.

Exactly, a dwarf.

His face was large, but the features were small. His eyes seemed like beetles, which was kinda disturbing, but other then that he had a mean shave, compared to most small creature like humans that Maraim had seen. He smiled up at her, his mouth, surprisingly, had all thirty two teeth. They were actually pretty clean. Maraim had to admit, she was impressed.

"Sorrie, miss." the dawrf piped up, placing his small, muscular arms on his waist.

"That's quite alright." Maraim examined the small dwarf for a moment longer, "Can you do me a favor?"

"Well, I'll help ye in any way." the dwarf said, his eyebrows stitching together.

"Can you tell me about the tournaments in Exhilation?" Maraim asked.

"Why, sure ma'am. What do you need to know?"

"How far back can you remember about there history?" Maraim asked, repeating the same tone.

The dwarf laughed, a good, hearty goose laugh. Maraim clenched her teeth together, to help fight the temptation not to laugh out loud, "Ye must be a fool to ask that question. Ma'am, we dwarfs learn nothing more then battles, and anything to do with him. Why, I can tell ya about the days of bloody battle that occurred before I was even born."

"Great.." Maraim exclaimed. "Can you tell me about the tournament, where a girl, her name was Haruno Sakura, came in second place?"

The name must of been like a snake bite, because before she could even finish the sentence, a dark glare surpassed the dwarf's face. He didn't seem as friendly as he did before, and his eyes were more like, more like dead flames of a fire.

"Ack, that girl." the dwarf seemed to spit out the words.

"Can you tell me when that tournament happened?"

The dwarf crossed his arms, and his jaw seemed to be locked as he spoke, "I'll never forget that fight. It was two years ago when that young girl won second place. Now, let me tell ya. That girl appeared to be tiny, but she could serve a punch. She's one pink haired hazard. More, like she was a pink haired hazard. I was her opponent that year. Whoever won, got second place. She scared me to half to death, she did. It's as though a demon possess her when she fights. She was sending the chills my way that day, I'll tell ya. Not very comforting in my part." the dwarf answered.

Maraim stuttered in curiosity, "What do you mean, she was a pinked haired hazard?"

"Let me get to that, ye girl. When she won, I wasn't full of jealously, or anger, or anything such as that. I was happy. Overwhelmed. I was glad that I walked away from that fight, still having my life with me. Also, I was honored. That girl was an amazing fight. But, the whole Sword Isle didn't seem to like her too much. I guess they didn't enjoy a young girl coming in and taking all the glory. Let me say this, from all the beasts and monsters that entered that tournament that year, it was a pure miracle that she even got to second place. I just can't explain in words how good she was."

Maraim was getting frustrated and inpatient, "Why do you keep saying was?"

The dwarf sighed, what seemed for a moment or two. He scratched at his chin, and tugged on his loose arm sleeves before answering, "Well, I'm not in Sword Isles for a reason. Those fighters are just getting to dangerous and more and more careless when it comes to taking peoples lives."

"What are you talking about?" Maraim was regretting even asking this dwarf anything at all.

"Haruno Sakura died this year, during a fight with this abnormal guy. It appeared that she couldn't kill what was already dead. So she got worked out to the max, and that's when her opponent attacked her. Or so I heard. All I know for sure is that she's dead. The rest of the details are inaccurate." The dwarf explained.

Maraim didn't seemed to hear anything else after the word died popped into the conversation. Worst of all, it was in the same sentence that Sakura's name was mentioned.

"What's the matter, dear?" the dwarf asked, noticing the pain that swirled in Maraim's eyes.

Maraim's eyes glossed, and she looked at him, holding his gaze for a moment. She was angry. Angry at this man. This dwarf. Angry at herself, for finding out in such a low way. She was angry at the fact that Sakura didn't leave when things got rough. Angry that Sakura was the challenge type, the type that didn't refuse any challenge. Her emotions all started to boil up, and she stormed out from the Arcane X.


Sakura, Maraim is awake.

The End

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