Awaken In A New LandMature

Please keep in mind that I was 14/15, and very lame. Thank you. :)




Sakura's first attempt to get blood was not the greatest. She had to hide from the scolding sun, which by now would turn her into ashes if she wasn't careful. She also had to make sure that no one noticed how weak she looked. She didn't look that great, while actually she looked dead. Pure white skin, with rings around her eyes. She looked as though she hadn't slept for days.

"How was it?" Alucard asked, nibbling on his finger.

"A pain in the ass." Sakura groaned, "I had to wait till it was all clear before I could go in."

"Who's blood did you get?" Alucard asked, in a repeated tone.

"Some girls." Sakura shrugged, "She was laying in recovery, and boy was she beat to the plump. I thought she was dead."

"How was the blood?"

"It tastes like a battery. Ever had a battery in your mouth?" Sakura asked.

"No...can't say I have."

"Well, it was pretty much tasteless." Sakura frowned.

"You're still not fully in with the new you. In a few days you'll start looking more like a living being, and not so much as a dead one. Also, the blood will start tasting sweeter, depending on the health of the person you drink it from." Alucard explained, "Oh, one more thing. Blood has a scent. To a human all blood will smell the same, but to you and I, we'll be able to pick out a person by the scent of their blood."

"Interesting.." Sakura sighed, picking at her fangs.

"So the blood you drank tonight, you'll be able to identify the person you got it from, if she lives." Alucard added.

"You sure know a lot about this vampire business." Sakura pointed out, glancing at him with her dead eyes.

"You'll know just as much as me, if you live long enough that is." Alucard answered.

This seemed to spark an interest in Sakura's mind, "I'm already dead. How can I die again?"

"A vampire is just like a human in a few ways. In order for us to keep going, we need to drink blood, in order for humans to continue living, they need to eat and drink normal food. Also, we can die the same way that Thin died." Alucard explained, "We're considered dead, because we have immortal live. We cannot die out of old age, or sickness. Only by the stab in the heart or the head. Not to mention be burned to death by the sun."

"What about garlic?" Sakura asked, "Can't that kill us?"

"That garlic myth, is a crock of shit." Alucard answered, kicking his feet up, onto the small table that occupied Sakura's hut.

'This is too much for today." Sakura sighed, "I wanna rest."

"Rest then." Alucard stated, "Just protect your vital spots while you sleep."

"Yes, master." Sakura comprehended sprawling herself out on the small bed that she had. "Where will you rest?"

"Don't worry about that." Alucard said, "Worry about yourself."

"Not a problem" Sakura yawned, closing her eyes for her nightly slumber.


Maraim's fluffy hair cascaded around her. It had gotten a bit longer since the last time she left Exhilation. Although she couldn't remember how or when she last left. Her green orbs stayed hidden, behind her eyelids. She appeared to be asleep. The moon bounced off her body, making a vast moon glow appear. The stars danced around there master as the night continued. She rested calmly in the white sand of the beach, just on the outskirt of The Greenlands. She seemed to remain unstirred for several hours.

Her eyes fluttered, while the moon and sun met each other halfway in the sky. They slowly opened, like a new born, coming out of it's mother womb. She shook slightly, startled by what she saw. Her hair fell neatly over her shoulders, as she sat up. She felt the sand slide off her garments as she rose. Her bones ached, it felt as though she hadn't walked, talked, or interacted with much of anything in awhile. How long was she sleeping. She only isle. Swords, warriors, fighters.

"Saukra!" the name came out her mouth so fast and so hard, it hurt her vocal cords. She also felt as though she hadn't said a peep in years. Where was Sakura? Matter of fact, where was she.

She noticed the beach and the waves, crushing, just a few inches from her feet. From what she can remember, Sword Isle had no beaches. Another thing that felt like it hadn't been used in awhile, was her mind. Everything felt old, used, like a rusty robot. She turned around, slowly, and in the same pace, walked up the beaches slightly tilted hill. Her feet felt small and unused, it was hard for her to climb such a small hill. Upon reaching the top, she gasped, her breath getting caught in her throat.

"Greenlands..." Mairaim whispered to herself.

The Greenlands were quite a journey from Sword Isles. How'd she get here?

She jumped in surprise, a few kids, played with a dog a few yards from her. Her ears also seemed to be delicate. What was wrong with her? She continued walking, hoping her feet would bring her somewhere that might help her with anything. She didn't quite know what she was going to do.

It was mid morning. Everyone would be asleep. If this were Sword Isle, there'd be a hundred or so people to ask assistance of. She headed towards the most friendlily sign she could see.

Arcane X Pub & Inn

"Thank goodness..." Maraim whispered, her voice was hoarse from some unknown reason. Now she felt as though she'd been crying for ages.

She stepped in, regardless if she was footless or not. Half the people in this pub probably didn't appear to be any normal then Maraim anyways.

The darkness of the pub swallowed her in.

The End

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