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Sakura tired her best to talk, but she still had feeling that chalk infested her mouth, so her words didn't come out as clear. It was as if her whole tongue was swollen, leaving no air to breath. Which to Sakura, didn't matter anymore. There wasn't no getting used to being dead, expect the whole, not being able to talk thing, but other then that, there was nothing she had to get used too, or so Alucard says. She knew he had yet filled her in with all the information on being a vampire.

"Ed is on her way." Alucard stated, making sure he stayed well hidden in whatever shadows he could posses.

"I...have...question." Sakura said with a slur.

"What is it?" Alucard asked with an annoyance, like he was getting tired of Sakura's questions.

"When...can...I..talk?" Sakura managed to ask.

"Once you get a drink of blood in you, but until then, get used to it." Alucard answered, glaring at her with two piercing yellow eyes.

Sakura and Alucard were back in her hut now. The journey there wasn't so pleasant. She had a few rude encounters, one of them being the sun. She'd noticed ever since she had awoken from the dead that the sun got more and more intense as she walked. Alucard reminded her that vampires weren't immune to the sun. In a few days, the sun would become so intense for Sakura that she'd burn to death if she wasn't careful. A few more side notes, never cross over moving water, and stay away from human regenerates. Alucard had said that they were just like the regenerate she'd face, once known as Thin, expect it was a little bit harder to kill them. All this wasn't good news for Sakura, actually everything she'd encountered from the fight with Thin until now wasn't good. Her life was over, yet she still lived it.

Sakura found it hard and painful to speak, so she refrained from doing so.

Wait a second! Blood!?

"Blood?" Sakura asked, dumbfounded.

Alucard sighed, "Yes. Human Blood. It gives you strength."

Sakura wanted to quit this job. She'd rather be dead...wait, she already was. She'd rather be buried six feet under. Sakura frowned. Getting human blood would mean that she'd have to kill an actual human to get it. Killing a human for blood was different then any other kill she'd delivered in the Coliseum, not that she had. There must of been another way.

"Go to the basement infirmity," Alucard explained, "They should have some freshly drawn human warrior blood down there."


"Would you rather be able to talk to Ed with a normal human tongue, or would you rather slur your words to her?"


"It'll be hot, but if you make it quick, it won't be as bad. Try using shadows for cover as much as you can."


Sakura got up. She had feeling. Not as much feeling as a walking, breathing human would have, but she was content with what she had. She didn't have as much feelings as a human would, like emotions, but she was able to smell, taste, and feel things. She stepped out of her hut with hesitation. The sun did feel hot. A temperature that Sakura wasn't used too, but she could withstand, but she didn't know for how much longer.

"Oh, and from now on," Alucard spoke, "You refer to me as 'master'."

"Tell --

"I'll tell Ed, when I see her, that you'll be back shortly."

Sakura tired running, it didn't work at first, seeing how her legs felt like she had just stepped out of a block of cement, but she slowly got her feeling of running back, and was shortly racing like she used too. The sun beat down on her harder and harder with every stride she took. She still had yet to receive any burning, not even a sunburn. She threw herself into a deep puddle of shadows and recovered from the heat. She felt around her mouth with her tongue. It was still a little weird feeling sharp, vampire fangs overlapping your lips, but Sakura started to think that it was actually kind of neat. She took more then a few minutes of rest in her beloved shadows.

So, she began to think.

Was this it? Was Sakura still going to be able to fight in the coliseum, although she was dead? Thin was dead, and he managed to fight, fight Sakura that is. She didn't know what it would be like for her, to lose her only passion in the world. Fighting. Sakura, the ninja vampire. It didn't have a very nice ring to it. Now that she was dead, she still wasn't sure if she could do any more jutsus. She could try it, but her mouth was too clogged to say any of them clear enough. Sakura hated waiting, just as much as she hated calling someone 'master'.

"Get going. Don't slack. You have something to do."


The End

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