An Unwanted RebirthMature

Alucard, being a vampire was rare too having any or none emotion at all. But, now as he witnessed that girl giving her life, trying to live up to her life standards, struck a cord in his cold heart. A brief pulse of sympathy flowed throughout Alucard's body as he sunk his head low. Thin was gone, but no one seemed too care or notice that one of the bravest amougst them was laying dead in the middle of the coliseum ground. Suddenly, Alucard was filled with anger.

"Don't everyone get up at once." Alucard hissed under his breath, "You humans wouldn't know a hero if they were standing under your nose."

Alucard was the voice in Sakura's head, he begun thinking if he didn't break through the mental barrier in Sakura head, that maybe things would've turned out to be different. The ninjagirl, as Alucard likes too refer to her, was dead. And no one or thing seemed to care about it either. Sakura's body still remained in the sandrock, her pale skin soaking in her own blood. Alucard watched the scene, still hiding in his shadows. He hadn't been discovered yet, and he wasn't planning on getting discovered anytime soon. If nobody cared for the girl, then he'd take matters into his own hands.


Darkness. Like a bed sheet, covered Sakura's eye sight and it felt like it covered everything else as well. She heard nothing, and felt nothing. Her body, not sure if she still had one, had no feeling either. She was dead, must of been. It was the only thing she could remember, was dying. The way the last explosion of pain felt before her lung collapsed. But, she succeeded in doing what she wanted to do: Kill Thin. She was dead, yet she felt like she was floating amougst nothing. Was this how it felt to be tugged between heaven and hell? Sakura didn't care where she went, she just wanted to rest. She wanted this too stop, the continuous memory of her getting killed. She wasn't prepared to go to the afterlife with nothing but a horrid nightmare.

Then, like a stone hitting glass, a noise appeared. It startled Sakura. It sounded to be sniffles and sobbing. Someone must be crying.

Her ears seemed to awake from the dead at the moment, the sobbing and the echo from the tears falling seemed to amplify in her ears. This was too much for her. Was she really met to go on living a melochlony life in the after world? What and where did she go wrong? The sobbing came to an abrupt stop, and it caused the sound waves to die out before they deafened Sakura. Her eyes peeled open, and it was like watching something through a fence. Some of the images were gaped out. But, she could make it out enough to realize what it was.

In front of her, a girl, sunk low too her knees, it was Maraim.

Sakura was sure of it, Mariam's long black hair sprawled everywhere around her, it was unnerving, not anything like Maraim would actually do. She had her hands covering her face, and by now, she was crying hysterically. Sakura tired talking, tired moving, tried anything to let Maraim acknowledge that she was there. Sakura was pretty sure that she was actually here.

Nothing helped. Maraim, still on her knees continued to cry, only crying, she didn't murmur a word. Sakura couldn't feel her heart pumping, the blood rushing through her vains. Nothing. She was actually dead, and normal people couldn't see the dead. Sakura sunk to her knees, or she felt like she did, she came to eye level with Maraim and continued watching the tears flow. If she had a heart still, then this would be tearing her apart. She couldn't cry, she had nothing in her to feel emotion. But she did know that when she was alive, she'd had fallen in love with Maraim, and Mariam with her. She still knew how much either of them cared for each other.

Suddenly Maraim stopped crying, and only quiet whippers echoed from her body. She lifted her head, and her eyes met Sakura. They looked through her though, as if Mariam was looking at somebody that wasn't Sakura, she opened her mouth to speak, at first she stammered with the words.

"Why did you have to die? Didn't you know that I loved you? Didn't you know how much I cared? You left me here, with a cold broken heart."

'You left me. I couldn't find you. Didn't you know how much I loved you then? How much I cared for you then? But, you left without a trace. Did you know how long I looked for you?'

Sakura felt herself think it, but there was no hope in her saying it, she couldn't. It was the truth, two years ago, Maraim did disappear, without a single trace, she left Sakura, Sakura didn't leave her. But, right now, she didn't care, she wasn't going to hold a grunge against Maraim, right now, she was with her and nothing esle really mattered, although right here was a like a dark movie theater, and Maraim was the movie that was playing. Sakura knew she was there, existing, but Maraim looked through her, like she wasn't. Not in person anyways. Sakura was dead, being with Maraim now was close to impossible.

The movie ended. Maraim was gone, and Sakura was back in the darkness. The dark theater by herself.

Another movie started up, this one different then the previous one. Sakura didn't like this one, this one had another replica of someone similar to Thin. Only it wasn't. But either way, Sakura wanted the Maraim movie back, this one was scary. The image before her, stood a man. In a cloak, a red one, that dropped down too his boots, he wore white gloves, and was equipped with two guns. Jesus Christ Is In Heaven, wrote on each one. Whoever this was, Sakura had a feeling that they weren't nice.

Remeber me, ninjagirl?

He saw her!? That voice, the name. This man, was the voice that aided her in her fight against Thin.

You can talk now. Or you can think, either way, I can hear you.

Where am I?

You already guessed that. Your in between from going to Heaven or Hell.

Why did I see Mariam just then?

Those were future happenings, don't worry about it though, I've came too change that.


You'll know soon enough.

Sakura didn't bothering thinking any longer, or she thought she did. She didn't know what she was doing, too her it was like she had control over nothing that she did. The movie disappeared, leaving Sakura in total darkness yet again. She might of been alone, but she didn't feel alone. Someone was with her, and she had a feeling who it was.

I'm here, you're not alone.

How come you can hear me and Maraim couldn't?

Because, the dead can communicate with each other.

So I really am dead?

Yes. Don't you remember? You're the one who decided to give your life to take Thin's. It was your choice too die. No one elses.

That's great.

But, don't worry, you won't be in this situation for long.

Sakura didn't reply. Instead she felt the sudden urge that someone was approaching her, from all angles. Then, suddenly, she had her feeling back in her body, two arms grasped her, and before she could defend herself a burning sensation sunk into her neck. And she blacked out, once again.


Like rain slowly covering a windshield, the light slowly poured into Sakura's eye sight. She slowly opened her green orbs, and what she saw caught her breath with a death grasp. She was looking into a baby blue sky, mostly filled with clouds, fluffy clouds. She was back on earth, or she went to Heaven, either way she glad to get out of the darkness. A silhouette stood over Sakura, and she saw him clearly, her vision was perfect, she saw all her surroundings perfectly. It was the man, from the darkened movies. He was staring at her, with an icy glare. He had blood dripping from his mouth, and a single fang overlapped his bottom lip.

Sakura's heart still wasn't pumping any blood, not sending any red blood cells throughout her body. Her body was cold, and her pink skin was now white. She looked around, she was bathing in a pool of her own blood, but was surprised to see that she was back in the coliseum. She was dead, but on earth. That's when confusion took over.

Alucard spoke, "You're still dead."

Sakura sat up, grasped her stomach and grunted, her body was stiff, and surprisingly, she could now feel her body and her body could feel her. She tired talking, but her mouth felt as though it was stuffed with chalk.

"That'll take getting used too." Alucard stated, helping Sakura to her feet. He wiped his mouth free from blood, and lead Sakura off the battle grounds.

The crowd was screaming in outrage, people were throwing things, left, right and center. People were jumping from the stand, running after Sakura, but they had the sudden urge to stop when Alucard flashed his guns.

As the commotion repeated, Sakura looked around with wild eyes. She had no clue what was going on, she was glad that she was back on earth, but confusion overwhelmed that feeling. Something touched the corner of her lips, and she felt around her mouth with her tongue. If she had a heart, what she felt would've stopped it. She started breathing heavily, in disbelieve.

Alucard did change the situation, he changed Sakura into a vampire.

The End

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