Sakura fell too her knees, something she was unexpected to do from the voice and herself. She grabbed her stomach, hard, trying to stop the bleeding, she'd hoped she hadn't been hit in a vital spot. She coughed up a mixture of blood and saliva. Her pink shaded skin was now as pale as Thin's. She was down for the count.

"Told you it'd take more then that." Thin grinned throwing the kunai knife he used to stab Sakura, caked full of blood to the side. That's one thing you would never be getting from Thin. Blood.

Stupidly enough he was right, she'd be beatin' for the first time by the walking dead, who else, the voice mentioned, was a regenerate. This was too bad to comprehend. At this point, Sakura didn't care if she lost, as long as she didn't lose her life in the process. But at this rate, if she didn't have enough strength and endure, she'd die for sure. She glanced at the kunai knife that Thin threw to his side, she also acknowledged the amount of strength she had left.

"No, ninjagirl. Do not even think about it. If you wanna live then you'll face the victory of this dead man, but if you wanna win but lose your life, then go for it. But in either way, you lose something. Go for the greater cause."

What was the greater cause, Sakura thought. All she was taught in her life span was that a ninja can win or lose in a honorable way, it's just all depends on the way they wish to do it. Sakura could continue kneeling here, before Thin, and face defeat, and lose all pride as a ninja, or she could waste her final breaths and defeat this dead man, and die as a ninja with overwhelming pride. Her plan was, before Thin got too close, was to dive for the kunai knife, use her final amount of strength for some special chakra, trick Thin, and then get Thin through his already dead heart. But what if it didn't work? She'd end up losing everything, including her life. She had a feeling this voice was right. She was going for it.

"If this is your path, then so be it. I will not hesitate to stop you."

Sakura's mouth pulled into a final weak smile, she had to give it to this voice, he thought like a ninja, maybe he was. Sakura decided not to get side tracked by any other tasks then the one laid before her. She took long deep breaths, trying to save more energy, she didn't bother looking up at Thin, that'd make her lose any remaining strength she had. Instead she listened for sound, and time. The time when she could dive for the kunai knife use her remaining chakra and kill Thin, who by the way, was already dead. She focused all her chakra that she could manage, waited a longer second and attacked.

Thin wasn't expecting it, so he jumped back in surprise, by the way Sakura moved you'd think that gash in her stomach was nothing more then a small cut, she gripped the kunai knife in her jaw, and on instinct she used the remaining chakra she had, by each passing second she felt herself get weaker. Sakura jumped behind Thin, which also caught him by surprise, with a good grip she pulled Thin around, nearly giving him whiplash. This was when her chakra kicked in, as soon as she appeared in front of him, she moved to the back again, this act of speed lowered her chakra even more, she spun him around, this time faster then the last, she heard something snap, which made her glad that Thin had such weak bones, or so it appeared. Before driving the kunai knife into his chest, Sakura caught a glimpse in his eyes. Terror. Her insides melted with relieve and at the instant, the kunai knife pierced Thin's heart. Time seemed to stay still for that brief moment.

The whole crowd went completely silent, which Sakura just noticed, half through the fight, she'd forgotten that the crowd was even alive. Sakura was crouched over Thin's shoulder, her jaw holding the kunai knife that was now one with Thin's heart, and he stood motionless, only a few uncaptured breaths escaping his narrow mouth. Then suddenly, his body burst, into a mini tornado of black sand.

You did it, you got him in the most vulner...able......

The voice wasn't coming in as clear as it used too, Sakura couldn't hear it at all now, or didn't have the strength too. Her clothes were now covered in her own blood, which, if this was a normal fight, it would've been Thin's blood. Out of all odds, Sakura had won. She hung in the air for one last moment before falling to the sandrock, hard and fast. She felt and heard her shoulder bone crack upon her landing.

And agonizing pain was the last thing she felt, before her last breath escaped from her body.

The End

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