Final BlowMature


Sakura was furious, she withdrew all the kunai knives and shurikens at her disposal and attacked Thin with all she had, only to have the same thing happen to her. Thin seemed to be regenerating, Sakura was getting scared again. She lost count on how many time she had tore at the heart or the head.

"You need to concentrate. You need to go directly for the heart or the head. If you pierce him anywhere else before the heart he will begin regenerating, leaving his heart tucked into a save barrier. You must think, ninjagirl."

Sakura had been getting used to this mysterious voice in her head. Despite how creepy it was, she had realized it was there too help her. She hadn't been listening to it before, not all that much, but now, she was beginning to believe it. She had to make a direct hit to Thin's dead heart. This was becoming to get impossible for her to visit. For the first time in her fighting career, she felt like giving up, leaving the match, leaving Thin to live on in his own creepy, but she couldn't. Too much pride, too many things to fight for, this was the only thing she fought for, the only thing she could get for fighting. Praise and Honor. Although she scarcely got any from this crowd, but back in the Hidden Leaf Village, she'd be noticed, and praised, even by Sasuke, the only last survivor of the Uchiha clan.

Sakra had to focus if she was going to have any chance in beating this freak. At first she'd had thought it would've been a good fight, but know she understood, not all fights are going to be normal and good. This fight was far from any of that. Sakura shook her head, she had to forget her fears and realize that this creep could be defeated and she had the key to doing it. Also the voice in her head helped her out, weirdly enough Sakura felt as though she had to thank it, if it wasn't for the voice, she wouldn't know what to do. But another thought struck a cord in her head. In her village, she was known for her good aim.

The thing was, she had already wasted all of her kunai knives and shuriken on Thin. She'd thrown them all, all she had, they'd all been devoured by the dark sand that spurred out of Thin's body when she threw them.

"You're a ninja, you don't always need weapons."

Sakura nearly fell at the sudden though that yet again, this voice was right. She had Chakra, and her fists, if she used them both together, she'd lay some damage on Thin.

The trouble was, would she be able to concentrate enough to use it.

The End

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