A Small Hope?Mature

Sakura swallowed hard, her throat closing up, causing a numb pain.

Thin was approaching her, his face even more thinner then before. Like it was only one thin layer of skin covering his skull. He was a ghoul, or at least looked like one, like he was half dead. Her thoughts were screaming at her, telling her that this man certainly was not a human. Sure, Sakura fought her share of freak fests, but never the walking dead. How can you kill something that was already dead? Her 'Way of the Ninja' wasn't helping her much at this moment, out of the hundreds of shinobi sayings, none of them stated anything about the walking dead. Maybe because the walking dead never existed in her village. Sakura was not used to this, but she had to stand her ground. A shinobi fought, death or not, she was going to stay, willingly or unwillingly. Her feet stayed still, like they were cemented to the ground. Beads of sweat fell from her hairline, and she seized her jaw. Thin was reaching out for her.

This was mad. He looked dead, but he also seemed to be taking control of his body quite well. His eyes, deepening into the shadows. Was this real? It sure felt like it. Of all fights Sakura went up against none were quite like this one. The normal Sakura would of had her kunai knives and shuriken out already, trying to rip this ghoul apart. But, this Sakura, standing on the sandrock surface, was far from a normal mood. She was the scared, not knowing what to do, Sakura. She swallowed again, this was becoming unreal to her, as if she actually had been sucked from reality into a dream.

"You cannot be scared of him. He is dead. But you can defeat him. Go for the head or the heart."

Sakura's green eyes popped open. Who was that? Her focus drifted from the battle and onto the faces of the crowd, which could hardly be seen, her eyesight seemed to be covered by a thin dark mist. She saw nothing out of the ordinary. Ordinary? This whole situtation was out of the ordinary. Sakura realized she wasn't breathing and took a few breathes. Her focus remained on the crowd till the voice jolted from nowhere, making her body jump.

"Hurry! Before he gets you! Don't worry about finding me, I'll show you if you can get through this!"

"If you can get through his". Sakura didn't like the sound of that, but she obeyed, surprisingly, and her focus retreated back onto the fight. Just in time too, Thin was coming at her. His mouth wide open, as if ready to eat her. Sakura felt for her muscles, by now he whole body had become numb. Was she that scared? He grabbed her kunai knife, through it smoothly towards Thin, and she managed to detach herself from the sandrock and jump into the air, her pink hair cascading around her. The kunai knife didn't exactly go to the point it was suppose to, but it caused something. Thin screeched, in this high pitch scream, like a thousand bats using echo vision at once. It made Sakura flinch, but she quickly recovered, grabbing for a fistful of Shurikens.

Thin looked up at her, brief pain in his eyes. He blinked, and it was gone. Sakura threw her handful of Shuriken on command, and all five sunk into Thin's arm's and legs, disabling him for a moment. She jolted forwards, placing more then enough Kunai knives on her body. She slashed and slashed at Thin, she didn't enjoy the sound of skin ripping all that much, but she survived through it. Thin seemed to have one layer of skin, so the sound was gut wrenching, it sounded like thin leather ripping. Sakura retreated, panting quite harshly. She still had her kunai knives on hand. There was no blood, but Think seemed to be ripped apart, literally. Black blood seemed to take place of the red liquid. Is turned into black sand, which fell too the floor. Half his body still remained, and he didn't seem the least bit phased.

"It'll take more then that to get rid of me, silly girl!"

The End

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