Be Brought DownMature

"This is makin' me sick to my stomach." Sakura sighed, driving a kunai knife into the sandy battle grounds, "You are really starting to make me itch. Why must you make everything so difficult? Goodness."

"It's one of the many things I do for a living." the narrow man grinned toothless, "Without it, fighting wouldn't be any fun."

"Pffft. Pleasssse." Sakura sighed, "What you're doing is just plain annoying."

A switch flickered in the narrow man's eyes, and it set Sakura back a bit, it was as if he just got offended, "No, you fool. What you are doing is 'plain annoying', you warriors take this fighting way to serious, you become way more tense then needed too, and you focus on one thing and one thing only: Winning. Now, if you'd loosen your panties from the bunch that they're in, then you'd come to realize you don't always have to have a poker face on during a fight."

Sakura shifted her head sideways, what this man was saying made no sense, at all. Sakura guessed it was just another weird tactic to help him on his way towards victory, although, she doubted, he'd get there, "If this is one of your weird ways of winning, I'd suggest you'd stop."

The narrow man threw his head back in hysterical laughter, although Sakura didn't see anything funny about it at all, "You really are a fool. No, you're a moron. An idioit. A muscle head. Ya know, I thought that I'd actually have fun with you, and you'd have fun with me back, but as I can clearly see, you're just like every other opponent I fought in here. You're all the same. You treat fighting as though it were your life, as though it were a passion."

Sakura didn't get mad at that statement, she reached both hands behind her head, quickly untied the knot that held the blue bandanna around her head, and she brought it above her head, allowing it to hang from her fingers as if it were a prize, which to Sakura, it was. The wind blew slightly making it twirl around, the sun caught a piece of metal attached to the cloth, it was about eight inches long, it shone in Skaura's eyes, "Ya see this headband?" Sakura asked giving the narrow man a stare, he mirrored back with a acknowledgment nod, "You have no idea what it stands for, what it means. Let me school you on something, Mr. Narrow Man, sir. Where I come from, this stands for everything that you're not. I come from a land of Shinobi's, where becoming tense in battle, and focusing on winning and winning only is what we do best, were battling is our passion, where we spend our whole life becoming the best ninja in our village. So, next time you wanna philosophize on something, make sure you're living outside the box."

The narrow man looked bewildered, but he quickly covered it with a grin, and clapped, "Bravo. I must say, that was quite the lesson," he stared at Sakura long and hard, "I don't care where you come from, we both come from different lands, where we were brought up believing in your own things. I fight you today strongly believing in what I want, as do you. I will admit you have proven my wrong, but it doesn't change in my way of thinking what battle truly means to me. For you it's a passion, for me, it's a game."

Sakura tightened the headband around her waist, making sure the narrow man never forgot it was there, "One more thing, before we continue."

"What is it?"

"What's your name?"

"Call me, Thin."

"Whatever floats your boat."

Thin grinned widely, the shadows around his eyes deepened, and it cast a shiver up Sakura's spine. Always did, always will. The skin around his jaw bone got thinner, although Sakura thought that was manly impossible, and his ropes sunk more lower then she'd expected, he opened his mouth, wide, wider, too the point where she was getting freaked out. He suddenly screamed a hollow shout, that shot a blast of air past Sakura, making her cold all over. She shielded herself, rubbed her arms for friction, trying to keep warm, when she looked up, she almost passed out. Thin was now a walking skeleton, his eyes were hidden by the deepened shadows, and he held something in his hand. Something so small, you would've missed it if you didn't look closer, it sparkled like a small diamond.

He spoke, but it was monotone and hollow, "Now I'll boost the fun level up to the extreme."


Alucard's eyes shot from the shadows, peering down at the now turned evil fight, his yellow eyes shifted from Sakura to Thin, he knew what was coming. He dealt with monsters such as Thin before, he was monster of course, even though he looked human at the start, Alucard had the tinge that Thin was more then what meets the eye.

If the girl survives this, then she deserves to be my master.

The End

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