Igniting a SparkMature

"You're really starting to bother me."

"Who me?"

"No. Her."



Sakura laughed, she liked how this fight was going. It hadn't gone far, but by the look of things, this fight would be going far. As of yet, the only thing she had been doing is moving, right to left, side to side, while the might narrow man has been throwing fists left and right. She wasn't disappointed, she didn't want to admit it, but it was taking everything she had to dodge his attacks; but by the entertaining face the man was making, Sakura planned that she would be keeping that to herself.

"Can you at least hit me," the narrow man asked, placing his hands on his bony hips, "Just once?"

Sakura didn't laugh at that one. She would let him hit her, just once, but she decided not to find out his strength that way, "You can.." The look on his face was pleasant, but he had an evil glint in his eye, "If you catch me!"

With that said, Sakura did what she was doing best, moving. He came flying at her, and in exchange he got a kunai knife in the shoulder. Being as skinny as he was, it might of hurt him, but he was unshaped. Sakura could tell this fight was going to go real far.


Alucard was being amused, watching the fight. So far the pink haired girl's movements were boring but successful, they would serve good in a fight, but they would make a battle boring and pointless. The sudden shift in the battle, shifted Alucard's point of view. Maybe this girl went from boring into pure killer instinct.

Hmmm? I might have found my prize. But there's something tugging on the opposing side. Something about this girl stops my obsession of wanting to suck her blood dry. She's certainly a virgin, so becoming a vampire would be easy. But she seems to much of a stubborn ass to make her right choice.

Alucard sighed deeply, this was going to be complicated, but he seemed to have a while to think about it, so in the meantime he'd stand, in the shadows, hidden from the rest of the world, watching the fight.

They both seemed innocent to bloodshed, but that didn't stop Alucard from thinking there actually might still be some.

The End

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