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Alucard stepped silently into his cloak of shadows. Being the vampire he was, it was difficult for him to withstand the light, although the sun's flame was a blazing, but it seemed all the world's darkness came to shadow their master. He stood tall, gun in hand, his eyebrows arched in interest on the beginning fight.

A pink haired girl going up against such a skinny pathetic man. As soon as Alucard thought those words, he regretted them, he didn't feel it at first, but it was coming to him slowly. There was more to this narrow man then what the crowd might of been thinking. Which surprised Alucard, seeing how they didn't realize it yet, how a narrow stick man could make it too such a important fight. He had a chilling power in him, and Alucard started to feel bad for the girl. He then too was surprised, the girl seemed much more then her appearance cased her as.

He snugged back, interested on the conclusion of this fight. He crossed his arms, removed his hat and took out another pack of medical blood.


By now, Sakura was sweating bullets. She wasn't bothered by the sun before, but now it was casting scolding hot rays onto her, as if it was punishing her for some unknown crime, or was it the added nerve Sakura was getting from this stick figure of a man? She locked her jaw, and braced herself for battle.

Nothing happened yet. Sakura was ready. Or was she? The man standing before her, stood in the same position since the battle began. Was he bluffing? Sakura didn't know. He could be, but she also brought to mind that be didn't make it this far in the tournament by just bluffing his way through.

He moved! At the instance, Sakura forgot all thoughts and focused in on what he was going to, or trying to pull off. He took a skinny, bony hand and reached into his rags. He rummaged for a moment, and then a tiny grin came upon his lips. He, Sakura thought, was a creep. He pulled his hand out, and inbetween in fingers was a... card? Sakura was starting to get angry. This man was wasting her time, in any other fight Sakura would be pounding down her opponent by now.

"Hello..." a raspy voice echoed from the stick man's lips, "Why do you look so... scared?"

Sakura didn't realize it, but she was scared. She didn't like to admit it, so she thought as it, as lost nerves. She swallowed hard. This man just kept surprising her, she opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out, her mouth was dry as chalk.

"Cat caught your tongue?" the raspy voice echoed again. The man's voice wasn't old, but it sounded as though he screamed his whole life, and didn't talk at all, until now.

Sakura was in panic mode. This man wasn't doing anything, but talking, and Sakura was shaking in her boots, literally. She found she couldn't speak to him; she was scared. What? Did this man win by talking his opponents to death?

That's it! Sakura came to such a fast novelization that her heart almost leaped from her chest. She stopped sweating, and soon enough she found herself able to speak, "Me? Scared?"

Sakura hit the target. The man's beady eyes widened in surprise, but as much surprise as Sakura thought, which led her to the conclusion that this man had a back up plan. He laughed, at first it was more of a giggle, but then it kicked up to that raspy echo again, "You're good. You found it out. Mostly my opponents get so scared that they flee."

Sakura was actually very surprised by that. Talking did this man the trick, just then it made Sakura feel as though all her fighting and training made no sense, maybe if she learned his 'talking you to the death' thing, she could of made it around easier, "How do you do it?"

"If I told you then I'd have to kill you." the man smiled.

"Be my guest."
The End

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