Thus, It BeginsMature

Sakura and Ed strolled up the stairs, leading to the entrance of the Great Coliseum. She had her new weapons in hand, along with her old. Ed was jumping around excitedly, proud her new creation was being put to the test.

Sakura had a match today, it seemed to be important, but from the looks of her opponent it wasn't going to be. It was always like Sakura, quick to judge someone before getting to know them. She didn't mind, half the time she was right.

As soon as she stepped in, the crowd went hysterical. All for her? Or for her opponent? It could of been for her, no one liked her, most of them believed females weren't fit to fight, and getting as far as she had in fights, she had more haters then fans. So, a crowd this big was bound to be filled with assassination, holding guns with her name on it. She shaded her eyes and realized, to her surprise, some were actually screaming for her. She didn't know if to be touched or stand there blankly. She walked to the center of the ring with no more than a brief wave.

It was hot. The sun was slicing into her like hot blades. Sweat was already finding a trail down her body, and she hadn't been out that long. The crowds screaming seemed to add to the warmth. She wiped her brow, and that's when they entered.

Standing at about seven feet and having the width of a stick bug, Sakura began to think this was turning into a joke. Yeah. The people surrounding the coliseum hated her that much, to play a huge joke on her the day of her most 'important' fight. She expected laughs, all around, but none came. This was for serious. Her opponent was so thin and tall, Sakura thought she could break him easily. She was getting nervous.

He had a very narrow face, which was no surprise. His eyes seemed to be like his eyebrows, united. They were small and beady. He had to build, he seemed weak, and the rags he was wearing hung from him, like they were ten sizes to big, which they were. He wasn't an opponent, this must be a joke.

He had a game face on, he didn't seem old, but the way he carried himself made it look as though he had more to deliver than a mucho man. His Weapon. Surprisingly, his weapon was just as pathetic as him, himself. A small blade, thicker then paper. With the Diamond blade Sakura had, she could cut that apart easily.  

After the crowd died down a few levels, Sakura and her opponent stood face-to-face, about ten feet away from each other. He seemed unshaped, while Sakura was standing, staring in disbelieve.

The bell sounded for the first round.

The End

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