Enter AlucardMature

Alucard sat, disgusted by the shadows, his freinds. He quickly discarded the medical blood pack he was sucking on, and looked up, onto the favorite image of the night, his night. The moon. It was so entriguing that is made him want to suck some blood. Which he forbidded himself from, unless it was for a purpose. But wasn't feeding yourself a purpose? No. It was unworthy, and low in his case. Only drinking the blood of a pure virgin would be on his high plane.

He got up, still disguisted in the shadows. It was weird. He seemed to be walking in the plain moon light, but he still seemed invisible, like wearing a cloak of darkness.
His duty was at hand. The same duty he always had once they told him. But, once he arrived at Exhilation, he was never given anymore duties, but he felt as though he should be still doing them. It wasn't as entertaining as it once was. In a place like this, nothing seemed fun anymore. There was chances, in the Great Coluiseum, but Alucard only fought if he wanted to kill.

There was one place though, a place he heard of but never been there. A place he heard so much about, but never got to experience it. He wanted to go there, he needed to go there. Tanturus: The Forbidden. Or so they called it. He heard and felt as though unholy creatures were crawling amougst it. But he needed someone there with him. He missed Victoria, his comrade in battle. He would like to go back to England, to help her out, sniping off monsters, but he didn't know how to get back, so that was on major problem. Therefore, he made a conclusion, he'd go out and find someone to help him, perhaps a girl. Not too young, not too old. Females were his favorite, they always tended to get out of hand when killing ghouls, and he enjoyed watching them, also, he liked lecturing them afterwards about what they did wrong. His teaching skills were horrible.

His next destination: Sword Isle: The World of Warriors. It sounded nice, had a lovely ring to it. There was bond to be some female warriors there. He escaped from his cloak of shadows and emerged himself into a bat. Flying away into the darkness.




It's lame, I know. I was 14 for petesakes. :P

The End

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