Exhilation: The Mariam and Sakura StoryMature

Quick note before I start: This story is many, many years old. I started it when I was 13, picked up when I was 15, and re wrote it at that age. I just discovered it on an old website of mine, and thought I'd share. Enjoy.







What the hell do you want?

Sakura, wake up.

It's okay, I'd rather not.


Sakura's green eyes fluttered open, it wasn't light outside, it never was when Sakura awoke, she was an early bird. She didn't mind. She enjoyed the early peaceful mornings more then waking up and having the local children sreaming and running around. Her pink rose colored hair spread out over her pillow. She buried herself under her blankets.

"K," Sakura told herself, "Todays agenda is....?"

Sakura balled up, thinking on what to do today. Anything goes was her life, she did what she want. She wasn't actually given parents while starting awhole new life, in awhole new world.

Tha dream, the dream she had a million times before, still didn't tell her anything. The same whispering voice, and the red eyes. Sasuke was in her dream, or was he? She wasn't sure. She remebered Sasuke but nothing esle. Why was that? She shook her head. She was to tired to think.

Sakura played with her thumbs as she still buried herself into her blanket. Just a few more minutes. Her shinobi band was on the stand beside her, and she reached over and grabbed it, "I think you need a shining, oui?"

"Sakura!" a loud banging on the door made her jump, and she ripped the covers off. She grabbed a handful of Kunai Knifes as she approached the door. Just incase things got alittle nasty, which happened alot with her.

"Who is it?" Sakura asked, in an innocent tone.

Sakura opened the door, and a small figure jumped her, making them both fall to a heap on the floor, "Sakura-chan. You're awake. You need practice. You have an important fight today."

Sakura's wild eyes calmed down, and she stared up. Ed. Ed was there, kneeling over her, grinning that large obnxious grin like she always did. Ed seemed like the slow type, but the way she created weapons for Sakura, she was a super gensuis behind those big bright eyes.

"Ed had to come wake you up extra early, so you could get a heads start." Ed grinned, squishing Sakura's cheeks together, "Ed made you new weapon."

Ed shot back, sitting, jumping with excitement, she had her hands behind her back like she was about to reveal something, which Sakura thought she probably was, "Does Sakura wanna see what Ed made?"

Sakura laughed, Ed always entertained her, "Sure Ed, show me what you got."

Ed sqeeuled in pure retarded joy, and shot her arms open. What Sakura saw made her jaw drop. This was hard to believe. Two large steel wristbands - or they looked like wristbands to Sakura - glazed with a silver tint. Hidden under them, shined two diamond blades. This was impressive. Ed handed them over, her wide grin still pasted on her face.

"Sakura could kill with those."

The End

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