Exercise the pen: Emotions. AnxiousMature

Just my own writings in an emotional theme

My stomach knots up as though it were a pair of hopeless hands grasping for that last bit of air. Struggling for even the slightest piece of hope to shove down my throat and fill my deflating lungs.


My head becomes light yet weighed down by the constant, pounding, nagging of fear. While I know there isn't anything to fear. Nothing real but time slows to a quick race.


I'm wishing the ever shrinking room would just stop moving for a moment so that I can catch my breath. It's futile though because the room is now too narrow for me to move anywhere but backwards or forwards. It doesn't matter which direction I choose to go, because I'm stuck in my own ways. My very own flawed existence too far damned to hit that ever elusive restart button


I'm always stuck. Never too sure if the future is coming my way. Even though I wake up everything morning, I go to sleep every night...anxious

The End

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