The Melody

Warden had been acting different for weeks.
If I had to pin point a single point, it would be the point when his girlfriend stood him up for a date to the cinema.
The next day, he called her.
Another guy answered the phone, telling him she was in the shower.
When he challenged the newcomer, he found out she'd been seeing someone else behind his back.
Then the rumours began, simple at first, and spread slowly, but by the time two weeks had passed, his name was less than mud.
He started to make mistakes.
His family kicked him out of the house.
Friends stole from him.
He lost all trust in other people, save for me, and his mental state slowly deteriorated, and paranoia overtook his waking moments, and nightmares about his ex-lover haunted his nights.
He lost everything but his necklace.
But, through everything, I stood by him, from the day I set foot in the same nursery as him, always.

Then, there came that day.
It was a saturday.
He had seemed quite quiet that particular day, then suddenly, he suddenly erupted with a strange remark about having to go and pay someone for something, whilst we were having some obscure joke amongst ourselves.
A strange look was in his eyes as the words tumbled from between his lips.
Present were myself, my good friends James, and Lauren and obviously Warden.
We bade our farewells and thought nothing of it, as he walked away.
Then, later on in the afternoon, an acquaintance from school approached me, and that was the last thing I remember clearly. 

The last happy memory I have.

The End

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