Exchange Program

Tim doesn't know who he is... so he uses a fedora hat full of paper slips and tries on a new identity every day.

This is a story about Tim.

My religion teacher told me not to do that... but I did anyways, so let's continue.

From the moment Tim could form coherent sentences, he'd always been asked the same question.

"What are you going to be when you grow up?"

His mom wanted him to be a doctor. "They make good money," she said. But, well, he wasn't sure. The thing was, he just didn't know. And in today's society, not having a rational answer for everything was a problem.

Tim liked hats. He had ball caps, toques, fedora hats, cow boy and pirate hats, visors, headbands, sombreros, and fedoras, all on one dark wood hat-stand.

He'd ripped a piece of paper into multiple tiny strips, wrote different stereotype personalities on each, and threw them into a fedora hat. His plan was to pull one out each night, and the day after, that would be his personality.

It was a search.

After all, who was Tim?

Maybe he was a jack of all trades. Kind of hard to do that, though, when he was fifteen and consistantly inconsistant.

'Shy guy' read the first piece of paper.

Seeing as Tim had a fairly versatile wardrobe, he easily found a large, baggy sweater and plain jeans for the next day, and decided (as it wasn't cool enough for toques yet) that a simple trucker's cap would do. He couldn't do much for shoes, though, but shrugged it off; worn sneakers were just fine.

[Day 1]

Tim sat near the front of the bus that morning. Two seats behind the driver, to be exact. He kept his head down and his cap low, with a worn backpack slung over his shoulder and headphones jammed into his ears.

It was only the second day of grade 10, so Tim didn't exactly have much of a reputation to work around for his game to go well. Really, he only had two good friends, Theo and Jacob.

Theo was a rather tolerating person. This 'experiment' of sorts should be safe around him... hopefully Jacob won't get fed up after a while.

Without fretting too much about his friends, Tim made it safely to first period science and picked a seat at the back of his class. Theo sat next to him as the teacher began to speak, and (not wanting to get into trouble, seeing as he was a shy person today) vouched not to write a note to his friend.

Actually, it sounds like a good idea to see who notices and who doesn't. Under his hat, Tim grinned-- and quickly dismissed the grin, because shy people don't grin. They smile nervously.

Lunch was spent, without further ado, in the farthest corner of the cafeteria possible. Tim had stuttered his way through ordering a chicken platter from the lunch ladies, and fumbled with his change after. Getting to the table wasn't too much trouble because he was wearing indistinct clothes and no one recognized him or bothered him at all.

"Dude, what's with you today?" Theo caused Tim to jump with the sudden entry.

"Uh, what?"

"You're... uh... quiet."

"Oh." Tim shrugged without much explanation, wondering how tomorrow was going to be like.

Maybe he'd pull out 'Jock'? Or 'peladophobic', fear of bald people. His history teacher was bald.

Jason approached Tim in fourth period, asking about the same thing Theo had been worried about. Tim gave a similar answer; a shrug and 'everything's fine'.

Secretly, Tim was laughing inside. He could tell that the next while would be incredibly entertaining.

The End

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