Mom and me

Mom-Why are you wasting your time when your finals are in two months?

Me-umm, no, they are in Jan, after four months…

Mom-have you respect for time?

Of course not. Why else would I subject myself to the torture of finishing literature at two in the night?

Mom-You can’t behave like this, so irresponsibly. You have to study and be in the top of your class…

Yeah, like that’s ever happening…

Mom- Go to your room right now and start studying!

Me-My exams just got over and my head is hurting.

Mom-If you had studied before, you need not have stayed up so late last night. Now go! GO!

I have no choice. When she says go, I have to go. And the most irritating part is that when I do start studying, it feels almost right. This is where I belong, at my study table. I’m not meant for wasting my time. And even though I curse her, I can only marvel at the fact that my mom knows me inside out.

So, this is what I do after exams get over. I get so bored with having so much free time that I go back to the grind for some more. What do you do?


The End

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