Exam hangovers

This is what i do after exams, and i'm not exaggerating!

What is the first thing you do after exams get over? Not only school exam, but any examination, in the broader sense of the term? Chill out, right? Do what you love, do everything that you missed while preparing for the exam, compensate for the lost time, sometimes overcompensate too. Anything else? Not really. Just taking it easy? Has anyone actually got bored while ‘chilling out’, like I am right now, or is it only me?

I must be one in a million to be bored mute after my exams then.

It feels weird, to say the least. You spend months cramming up insignificant and quite random pieces of information, and wait impatiently for the day when you won’t have to do it anymore. Then bang, the day comes, and you’re stuck doing nothing. Kind of hard to make the shift, isn’t it? Or is it?

So I decided to find out the actions and reactions of some of my friends

Friend 1 (she’s in college, and incidentally, even her exams got over today) – I’m going to the market with a couple of my friends, and then I have to catch an early morning train to Ahmadabad! Home sweet home! I miss real food…

Friend 2 – I was sleeping until now and now I’m reading a book that I borrowed from the library. It’s quite good; it’s about Nehru post the freedom struggle…

Seriously? And here I thought that exams had just got over.

Friend 3 – are you crazy, calling me now? Have you forgotten that my psychology exams are tomorrow? I’m going to die! I’ll never live to give the exam there’s just so much portion left!

Then I think that I’m lucky to have talked to you so close to your death…

Friend 4 - *no answer*

Friend 5- there is durgo pujo going on in my house. Today is Ashtami, you know…

At least someone is having fun…

Friend 6- (sister answers) um…I’m sorry, but she’s not at home right now. Do you want to leave a message?

No, of course not. I’m just trying to waste my time, don’t you get it? My eyes throb, and so do my temples and forehead, but I really cannot fall asleep. My back hurts, and I know that I’m positively sleep-deprived, having slept only for three hours the last night. That is the curse of Thomas Hardy and his Mayor of Casterbridge. And of course my laziness too. Who asked me to read 80 pages of that unreadable book at 11:30 in the night? It dragged on until 2 am no less. And I woke up to an absolutely fantastic head and jaw ache. Halfway through my English paper, my eyes began to swim, and blood throbbed in my ears. And now the exam is over, but my physical condition has actually worsened.

I try to loll around my house, trying to watch TV to distract myself or write something when my mother catches hold of me.

Oh no, here we go again…

The End

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