The new girl and the old boy !

So today is Tuesday,Im off to school,So when I get to the school entrance I see my boyfriend and the new girl 'Marissa' My boyfriends is like a emo but he's not,He looks totally radd ! He had his arm around Marissa's waist,Oh here comes Leanne,Sheis my best-friend. 'heya Leanne so what is Luke and Marissa talking about?' 'Oh hey Frankie yeah there getting awful close for the last few days,Hes helping her with her school bags and stuff' What the fudge like !' 'Sorry Frankie' So I thought Id go over and speak to them,'Hey Marrisa' 'Oh Frankie hey whats up?' 'Oh nothing hey can I talk to you over there please?' Yeahs sure' okay thats good I got her to come over,All im gonna do is ask her why shes flirting with Luke.

'Okay Marissa,Why are you flirting with Luke?' 'Me flirting with Luke nah !' 'Marissa your new here so shut up !' 'Um I a sorry,Okay Luke is cheating on you' 'With you,Why would he do that?' OMG I cant believe Luke was cheating on me (But why?) Its so strange.Im so angry 'Oh hey Marissa,Hey babe catch ya lates ya?' 'NO you wont catch me lates,Because were DONE !!' 'What babe no,why?' 'Because you and her how could you?' 'Oh Im sorry' Yeah from that day on me and Luke were off and him and Marissa were on !

Then all of a sudden Leanne stoped being my friend,She absulotly hated me ! But why?Strange !

The End

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