Ex marks the spot (Ex Boyfriend)

Frankie loves luke.

'Ring Ring' 'Ring Ring' God sake my stupid phone,right does that idiot ever get the point,I dont want to talk to him ! My name is Francheska,Frankie for short,Im 16 in a week,so that makes m 15 now.I have a boyfriend,His name is Luke,We love each other,Up until a couple of days ago.See there's a new girl in our class she's 14 years old,Shes very pretty,A bit smaller than me ! And she has dark brown eyes along with brown hair.Oh and here name is Marissa O'Reilly.She thinks Im weird and a geek.This is the phone conversation.

Here's what Luke said. 'heya babe,What you doing tonight?'                And here's what I said. 'Oh hey Luky,am just studying,Why?' Luky is my nickname for Luke. 'Oh just was going to ask you to go to the shop with me' 'Am..Sorry Luky cant Im coverd in homework,I have a massive test tommorow,Anyway maybe next time yeah?' 'Yeah sure okay babe,No bother babe,Love you' So we hung up then.My mom and dad are gone out for dinner.And my sister Alexis is gone out with her friends.Alexis is 18 she is 19 next month.

I hate her she is always borrowing my shoes and she never gives them back its so annoying.

The End

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