A short story introducing Evolver where instantaneous evolution is inquired by science for the sake of space exploration and sought by world rulers for bio-warfare. Takes place well after the main story's beginning.

"You're not going to win," Adam speaks as he stands before Vigor, the bounty hunter hired to take him under custody. He has been instilled with the same DNA sequencing technology as himself to better aid him in the capture of Adam.

"This will be a good match.  We will see," Says Vigor as he smiles.

"I'll let you make the first move," Adam remains stalwart. 

"The only one I'll need!" Vigor shouts as he rushes towards him.  Mid step his arms grow scythe-like blades that align from his elbows to his wrists then extend three feet past his hands. He takes a swing at Adam and impaling his chest with both blades.

Adam falls to his knees with a blank stare. Vigor breathes in and lets out a victorious cry. 

"The power invested in you is now ours. We will create Neo Genesis. The human race is now obsolete!" Vigor speaks with a thousand voices.

"You..." Adam fights to stand up. "Should really..." He places one foot on the ground and stands erect. "Listen to yourself speak." He heals his wounds rapidly. "I bet you can't remember who you are, anymore."

"The only thing that matters is that we are going to take the last puzzle piece needed to complete Neo-Genesis. We will tear you to pieces to obtain it," Vigor replies. 

"I won't let you!" Adam screams from the bottom of his lungs as his body surges with heat. His cheeks split as his lower jaw lengthens. His arms and legs stretch and rip apart as they heal and form appendages twice the length and width. His eyes become larger, wings the length of his body begin to extrude from his back and with in minutes grow blue and red feathers. Though, as he transforms Vigor begins attacking him once more.

"You won't escape!" Vigor screams and tackles him mid transition stage and throwing Adam on his back. Vigor begins to rip off his wings.

Adam manages to turn and grab Vigor and as he does Adam's hands grow fangs in his palms that as they grow ever quickly they pierce Vigor's face. They both rage with painful screams and fight to break free.

Vigor backs off and rubs his face from blood and gives a few seconds to let the punctures and lacerations to heal. It gives Adam enough time to continue to gain strength. His wings heal and he proceeds to attack Vigor with his arms that change into jaws that are both rattler snake like fangs and the size of a great white shark's head. Each of Adam's arms latch onto Vigor's up to his shoulders and he holds him in place. 

Vigor laughs as he begins to show pain. As his arms are engulfed by Adam's, Vigor's hands grow blades once again and cut off Adam's arms from the inside out at the shoulders in one quick motion.

Adam falls backwards in pain so fierce he lays there for a moment and cries in pain. He tries to push him self away slowly from Vigor as he stands over him now.

"As I was saying.  The time has come for your demise and bring the next step in evolution," Vigor laughs and cuts Adam's legs off and begins dragging Adam as he still lives by the head, leaving his limbs behind.

"Do you think you've won? I've learned a few new tricks since we last fought," Adam speaks as he coughs up blood.

"Sleep now. It will be over so-" Just as Vigor says these words he is pounced by four small four legged creatures the size of bull dogs. They bite and sere the flesh leaving Vigor no time to defend himself. Bite after bite, eventually, there is nothing left to be recognized.

"Goodbye, Vigor. Even though you died a long time ago," the four dog like creatures go to Adam and attach to him and become his arms and legs once again. "One down.  Three to go."

The End

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